Subject: More C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y. shit

Date: 04 Feb 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: (geezer)

Organization: Cheeseland Clench

Newsgroups: alt.religion.subgenius, alt.slack



Public Service Announcements are used by radio stations under

new management as placeholders. Times goes by, the station's

sales force gets more paying ads, and these squeeze out the

PSAs. Listeners don't notice an increase in commercials

because there is none -- just an increase in paying commercials.


Computers and technology are making us more productive -- why

are we still working 40 hours per week?


That sooper-dooper compact fluorescent light that was supposed

to save me $100 over its 7-year lifetime (and save the planet)

burned out after one year.


Census hysteria: one Wisconsin legislator seeks a change in the

law such that prisoners from Wisconsin jailed out of state would

still be counted as Wisconsin residents.


"Magic School Bus" does a better job of teaching science than "Bill

Nye, Science Guy", IMHO. (And MSB might even be longer when you

factor in the 10 minutes of corporate blather from Boeing, Intel,

Ore Ida, etc. at both the beginning and the end of the BNSG.)


Levamizole the sheep wormer: $1 per pill

Levamizole the anti-cancer agent: $100 per pill


Ameritech charge to move my phone service 1 mile: $30

Estimated increase over the last year in mailings,

unsolicited phone calls, and TV ads for Caller ID: 500%


News from Washington:

"Golly gee, we'd REALLY like to wrap this thing up as quickly as

possible but {blah blah blah} the rule of law {blah blah blah}

call witnesses {blah blah blah} Constitutional duty {blah blah



I, too, have a deposition to make for the impeachment trial:

{grunting noises, fecal odor}



"I know there are some who prefer social solutions for social

problems, but *I* think the technical solutions are the real

answer in a culture of maximum diversity, low accountability,

and no way to determine if the entity on the other end is

sane. Or a dog. -- Lady CLXXX