Subject: Re: When Sinners See Their Lost Condition

Date: 04 Feb 1999 00:00:00 GMT


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cuthulu wrote:


> "When Sinners See Their Lost Condition"

> By Magnus Brostrup Landstad, 1802-1880

> Text From:


> (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)


> 1. When sinners see their lost condition

> And feel the pressing load of sin

> And Jesus cometh on His mission

> To heal the sin-sick heart within,

> All grief must flee before His grace,

> And joy divine will take its place.


Wolfenstein 3-D

by Annna Truwe

annna (at)

atruwe (at)


Baby, watch me whup my weight in pixels

I been gamin' seems like 'most my life

But not with lasers, nukes or blaster cannons

I start out with a pistol and a knife


I never liked to cast no magic missiles

Don't care what combat's like in zero-G

So if there are computer geeks in Heaven

I'll be the one with Wolfenstein 3-D


Don't wanna talk with any other players

Nazis, zombies, they're all NPCs

Sure, there's multi-user dungeon chat rooms

But I'll play solo Wolfenstein 3-D


Some folks like games where you control an army

With elves and humans and an orc or three

Just settle back and plot their next maneuver

I'm fighting hand-to-hand in Wolf 3-D


Just set me down in Castle Hollehammer

One gun, no armor; that's all right with me

I don't have to heal none of my wounds up

God mode ON in Wolfenstein 3-D


I got my knife, my pistol and machine gun

The chain gun's in the next room, wait and see

Yeah, you go play your "stoopid fresh" street fighter

Hitler's in my sights in Wolf 3-D


People laugh and tell me I'm a throwback

"Why not play Doom? You've got a fast PC!"

They show off BFGs and custom WAD files

But 'neath the glitz, it's good old Wolf 3-D




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| as a glamorous thing, and all the soldiers run around saying, |

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