Subject: Haggling Slack

Date: 18 Feb 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (MegEliz)

Organization: Gene Wolfe Library and Family Restaurant, East Wing

Newsgroups: alt.slack



The following may not sound like much, but it would if you appreciated

that this girl paid the sticker price for a HOUSE a few years back.

The real estate agent was not a scary-looking guy named Abdul, either.


Today we went to The Carpet Palace, me and Sparky. We had been

cruising for carpet and since it was a huge building painted day-glo

yellow, we couldn't miss it. Sparky loved the piles of magic carpets

and decided to treat them like her own specially designed olympic

obstacle course while I looked around.


I was swarmed by the Arabs who inhabit the Palace and they steered me

toward a puny, putrid little rug with elephants on it. I specified

that I was looking for something for the baby's room - a mistake. If I

wanted her to look at nightmarish pink pachyderms, I'd shove "Dumbo"

in the VCR, ya know? This was not the rug I wanted. They tried to

persuade me that it was "beauuuutiful" and "just da ting for a girl."



Instead I had my eye on a big black one with stars on it. When I asked

how much he replied that it was around $350 and didn't I want a

remnant? I did not want a fucking remnant, thankyouverymuch, I did not

drive way the hell out there to come home with a hunk of beige fuzz. I

smiled sweetly and wandered off.


Later I approached the desk and asked him to look up the price for the

star rug. After fumbling forever and muttering about making me a nice

deal, he said, "It is one ninety-nine."


I whirled around and sat down, "one fifty in cash." He looked pained.

The phone rang and I wandered off.


He hung up. I wandered back. He grabbed his forehead, "Oh.

I....well....okay. One seventy-five."


I smiled sweetly, "I only HAVE one fifty. That's all I've got." True



Abdul groaned. He grabbed his forehead again. "Okay. For your baby I

do dis ting."


When I showed him my empty wallet, he gave me a dollar back and then

started muttering proverbs about making one person happy.


I was made happy today by a scary man named Abdul. Sparky listened to

me whistle all the way home.


Not-Yet Popette (I'm goin' to Cairo!) Meg



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