Subject: florp

Date: 20 Oct 1998 00:00:00 GMT

From: -------------------------------- (reverse fried egg)


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Newsgroups: alt.foot.fat-free



ah well. Thought since I had a few minutes I'd take mumthra up on her

little challenge and see if I could out-whine the lot of you, having

as I do now a serious pain in the noggin resulting partially from

fatigue but mostly from severe dumbassedness.


Was outside yesterday evening after getting back from a delivery when

it happened. I was sort of leaning over the tailgate and was wrestling

with a balky electric brake/light plug in the truck bed, when our new

dog got out of the shop somehow and made a dash for the yardbirds

(guineas) which were holed up under the truck (they seem to feel safe

under there. They've suffered massive attrition from foxes and red

hawks) I straightened up real fast and started to yell something harsh

but about all that came out was "ASSHO......"before BONK!!! went the

back of my head on the nine or ten inch steel channel that forms one

side of the trailer gooseneck. I don't remember too much that happened

between that and finding myself sitting on my ass in the gravel with

blood in my hair, two eyes that refused to cooperate with each other,

and being unsuccessful in my first few attempts to stand up. Guess

nobody in the shop noticed. I did finally manage to get to my feet.


I noticed the few still extant Yardbirds were fifty or so feet up a

poplar tree, and bones the dog was running back and forth at the

bottom acting like he wished HE could do what they done. I muttered

"asshole," and went in the house.


I decided the cut wasn't bad enough to need stitches, mostly because I

wasn't keen on having half of my head shaved and what not, so I just

gave myself a sorta alchohol and peroxide shampoo (that almost put me

out again, but maybe I'll have some cool-looking skunk-stripe blonde

highlights), wadded up some betadine-soaked gauze and put it over the

cut, then held it in place with this idiotic chairman Mao looking hat

and tried to go back to work. Didn't quite manage that. Had to take a

break. Guys wanted to know what was with the hat. I told them what

happened, but I told them not to tell the wife when she gets back

today (she went to my stepdaughter's house) because she'd drag me to

the doctor for sure and they'd shave my fucking head and I'd have to

wear the stupid hat a lot longer.


Anyway. Throbbed pretty bad all night. I got a lump the size of well,

a really big lump, but it seems to have knit back together and it

don't bleed anymore. I'm pretty sure nothing is fractured or anything.


Ah well. Just a few more weeks of this shit. Hope this is the worst

anybody gets hurt. We're all getting pretty stupid and we still have

to play with a lot of shit that can sever appendages.


Anyway, am some better today. Hope mumthra is too.