Subject: SONG TIME!

Date: 10 Feb 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Iceknife)

Organization: Blue Island Fantasies BBS - Moraga, California.

Newsgroups: alt.slack







No black helicopters flying overhead

No sewer dwelling flesh eating stinkin' walkin' dead

Spiders big as cadillacs don't roam the neighborhood

Lizard men won't eat you because you don't taste good

Extra low frequencies aren't used to warp your brain

No nazis in the CIA... so you must be INSANE


The truth isn't out there

They can't make you care

It never was and never will be

Move along; there's nothin' to see

Keep repeating that to your selves -

The truth isn't out there, and neither is anything else


No aliens with rectal probes searching for your butt

No goverment men in black telling you what's what

Yetis don't form unions and organize for better pay

Everywhere you look's the same - there is no brand new day

The Loch Ness Monster does not exit

Neither does God - if she did, she'd be pissed


The Truth isn't out there

Everything's what it seems to be

There's nothing new for us to share

There's nothin' new to see

Frogs don't rain from the sky,

If you say they do, you lie



There are no alien infiltrators

Or secret cattle mutilators

Crop circles are no more real

Than what you think and do and feel

There is no light at the tunnel's end

No one anywhere's your friend


The truth isn't out there

The obvious is king

Go ahead, take the pledge and swear

You didn't see a thing

The truth isn't out there

You don't know a thing


ok, now YOU sing...