Subject: If you really love him...

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 23:08:49 GMT



Newsgroups: alt.slack, nz.gen



You'll fondle his nuts. It's true. The most common type of cancer

found in men 18-35 years old is testicular cancer. Men are soooo shy

about anything that hints that their genitals might not be absolutely

perfect, so it's up to us, the women and men that love them, to do our

duties and check those nuts. For those who are simply FOND of the man

in question, a gentle examination of the nuts and sack with the

forefinger and thumb may be enough to assure yourself that he will

make it through the next six months without chemotherapy, which might

hamper the dating process.


But if you're in a committed relationship and you want him around for

a few more years, you'll REALLY get in there and make sure, with the

sensory instrument you've trusted since birth...your tongue. I'm

calling it "The Lick of Love."


Cancer can appear at any time. The only way to be sure of catching it

early is to regularly administer "The Lick of Love." My spouse, who

happens to have a deep love of life, suggests a daily exam, but you

can probably catch a burgeoning tumor with a weekly check.


Get on the bandwagon where EVERYBODY wins! Don't let testicular cancer

sneak up on your loved one. Give them the Lick of Love, TODAY!


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--Peter Hipwell