Subject: Re: Rev. Pee Kitty and Betsy: soulmates (was Re: Neo-Tech Rulz ^H^H^H^H Spams Cyberspace)

Date: 07 Aug 1995 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

Organization: InfiNet

Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech,,, alt.usenet.kooks, alt.philosophy.objectivism,

alt.religion, kibology, alt.slack

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Daniel Abels ( wrote:


: They also remain ignorant to the Neo-Tech literature, which effectively

: makes any attack on Neo-Tech invalid. As for "invading" other Newsgroups?

: How do you mean? Neo-Tech individuals do not "invade" newsgroups, but

: rather post their messages to what they determine to be relative to the

: subject they are posting about. Neo-Tech ecompasses a *lot* of ideas!


Before I broadcast to this wide array of newsgroups just exactly how much

you, in your integrated honesty, are lying, I'd just like to remind you

that when things from the zonnie group dribbles into alt.slack, I have a

tendency to respond with more material from the Church of the SubGenius than

you could possbly ever hope to cope with. I will endeavor to recruit

mercilessly on your group for a long time, using literally books full of

SubG material, until you can't carry the traffic. This is our deal, and

you're fucking up.


Now, as to your lie (and you'll be happy to know this was just recently

posted in MANY groups), have a nice integrated honesty:


[The following was reposted to alt.slack]

[It's reposted here for obvious reasons]

From mattkeys@netcom.comThu Jul 27 17:00:30 1995

Date: Thu, 27 JUL 1995 18:14:45 GMT

From: Matt Keys <>

Newsgroups: alt.neo-tech, alt.philosophy.objectivism

Subject: Announcement for Neo-Tech Objectivists


New, Improved Strategy Suggested by JF

By using the approach of mass cross-posting, creating flame wars, then

extinguishing them, we have built an excellent selection of flames and

responses which will be used in the upcoming book, "Mega Profits from

Cyberspace Flame Wars". In addition, a tremendous amount has been learned

about the nature of cyberspace and current participants in cyberspace.

However, as you might have perceived, the current approach is running out

of steam, and it is time to re-think.

JF has developed a new strategy, and that strategy evolves out of the

long-term goals of NT/Z in cyberspace. In summary, the goal of NT/Z in

cyberspace is to infiltrate into every knook and cranny of cyberspace, and

be absorbed by all in cyberspace. Zonpower does rule cyberspace, and over

time, everyone will absorb its principles, and it will (silently, without

being spoken) rule every action in cyberspace. The short term goal is to

get the information exposed and start the osmosis process.

Here is the new suggested strategy in summary (I have not gone into detail

on the "why" behind each point of the new approach).

Post to many different types of newsgroups, on many different topics.

Use snippets from Zonpower, the 114 Neo-Tech Concepts, The Golden Helmet,

and any other Neo-Tech literature. Additionally, you can use material


Cyberspace Two once it is up on the Internet. (Nothing new here, except to

mention we need to broaden the range of newsgroups, e.g. health, diet,

love, jobs, and also politics, philosophy. Note--this is by no means an

exhaustive list. Check out http:// for a complete listing of NGs, a


which can be searched by subject).

One key of this new strategy is: Do not cross post to alt.neo-tech.

Make original post only on alt.neo-tech. Postings to other relevant and

appropriate newsgroups can be cross-posted to each other, but not to

alt.neo-tech. It *is not* important to see responses. We don't need more

flame material. *THE GOAL IS TO GET PEOPLE TO THE HOME PAGE*, through

curiosity, ring-a-bell, or something-clicked type posts. So post to lots

of different groups, and always direct them to the home page--but do not

cross post it to alt.neo-tech.

Respond only to flames posted on alt.neo-tech and a.p.o (see note below

about a.p.o.). If we do not cross-post, very little flames will come into

alt.neo-tech. This will save our time. But for those who do make the

effort to find us, and post a flame on alt.neo-tech or a.p.o, we will as

usual extinguish the flame. This is to maintain the integrity of the

subject matter on alt.neo-tech and what we post on a.p.o. Remember


for alt.neo-tech posts *do not* cross-post your responses to other NGs.

Delete any NGs it was cross-posted from, and post response only on

alt.neo-tech or a.p.o.

What about the subject matter on alt.neo-tech? Every post commandos

make to other NGs is obviously relevant material for alt.neo-tech (just

remember not to cross-post it, only single post it in alt.neo-tech). The

purpose of alt.neo-tech is to discuss the nature of Neo-Tech and Zonpower.

Many newcomers will be visiting, and the more integrated can guide them.

In fact, commandos are encouraged on their own to develop Orientation to


posts -- those posts which can and should be re-posted every week or so --

every newcomer will then see them. Also, commandos are encouraged to

develop FAQ's and Best of alt.neo-tech Posts which also can be re-posted


The job of developing OTNT, FAQ's and BONT posts would never be taken on


NTP. Developing such OTNT, FAQ's and BONT posts are part of the commandos

real power. They come out of the understanding and integrations of

commandos, and do not require editorial supervision from NTP. If we were

to bring them into the normal business dynamics, extensive editorial

supervision would be required, as everything emanating from NTP must be

100% consistent with all NT material. This managerial time cannot be

afforded, and that is why we could never take on such a task. Finally,


greatest beneficiary of such OTNT, FAQ's and BONT's is the person who

developed them. Paraphrasing Peikoff, "you learn the most by teaching


Overall, alt.neo-tech needs to become an informative area for newcomers to

the subject.

One final unrelated point concerning a.p.o. We should take over a.p.o,

we are the legitimate Objectivists. This newsgroup is about Objectivism.

Most self-appointed leaders of that group are frauds, total

non-Objectivists. Our posts are vanishing them. We should post *every*

message that goes to alt.neo-tech also to a.p.o. Why? Because every

message we post is about Objectivism, and builds on Objectivism. They have

zero right to bogus territorial complaints. In fact, if a.n.t didn't

exist, what reason would they have to complain then? You cannot say, I

don't like the content of your post, therefore I'm reporting you to root!

That is bogus BS. But remember, every post on a.p.o should *not* be

cross-posted to alt.neo-tech, or any other NG.

Rather than cross-post between alt.neo-tech and a.p.o, it is much more

powerful if we inject material direct into a.p.o, after all, our material

is *advanced Objectivism*. Lets take over a.p.o. and drive out the fakes!

So, In Summary:

Post to many different types of newsgroups, on many different topics,

using the snippets from Zonpower approach.

Make original posts only to alt.neo-tech and a.p.o. Do not cross-post

between alt.neo-tech (or a.p.o) and other groups, but cross-posting


other appropriate groups is okay -- in fact usually good to do.

Respond only to flames posted on alt.neo-tech and a.p.o, again not

cross-posting the response. Remember a.p.o. is also our newsgroup since


are the advanced Objectivists.

Create a subject matter on alt.neo-tech that is informative for newcomers

to the subject.

And finally,

Do not let up on lazy, bogus "Objectivists" with false territorial

claims, always post to a.p.o. (without cross-posting).

Matt Keys

ZONPOWER is on the net at: