Date: 08 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: "ICEKNIFE" <>

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David R. Voth wrote in message <>...

>The black helicopters departed from talk.politics.guns, leaving

>Pinkboy mumbling something about:


><ridiculous, off-topic crap snipped>


>If I had your email address I'd respond to you offline. But because

>you insist on using misspelled phonies I must address you in public.


>Are you a TOTAL FUCKING MORON or do you just play one on the Internet?

>Do you realize that tens of thousands of people all over the world

>read the crap you post here? Do you have much success attracting

>women with your pathetic anti-cat "humor"? The last thing pro-gun

>people need is to be associated with your brand of boorish Dumbshitism



>If my house was on fire I'd rescue my cats and my tortoise WAY before

>I'd make any effort to drag your stupid Pink ass or any of my guns

>out. Take your old Corvette and sit on it, you "Bob"-damn

>knuckle-dragging muttonhead throwback. Go fuck yourself, Pinkboy, and

>don't come back until you have something intelligent to say.


>There, that feels better. Now what were we talking about?


>Reverend David Voth

>Minister of Mausers

>South Park Militia


>For more information, send $1 to:


>The SubGenius Foundation

>P.O. Box 140306

>Dallas, TX 75214



Overall? A good solid 7.1 to 7.3!


Your creativity cost you, but you hit all the obligitories,

made your point nicely, your order of attack was dead-on,

and the rhythm was exemplary. VERY nice flow!


The key, as always, is not to let your hate drag you down;

rather, it should lift and exhilarate you. Hate with an open

heart, and the words will come. "Muttonhead" was a

nice touch, by the way. Slightly anachronistic, but

eternally goofy and fully conveying the onus of goofdom.


Good work! Keep it up!