Subject: Re: Manse Diaries: Car Babies

Date: 18 Nov 1997 00:00:00 GMT


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On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 15:39:36 GMT, (MegaLiz) wrote:



>Does a mother who leaves her sleeping infant in a locked car while she

>buys a dozen eggs deserve to go to jail? PULEEZ! If bad judgement were

>truly illegal we'd never be able to find any GUARDS because we'd all

>be inside the biggest Big House of all time.



Here in the conclusion of your excellent rant, right here,

you've come across the goal of the Capitalcommunist Conspiracy. They

want us to look to Them for Their judgement and if we stray it is bad

and we should be punished. And by the way, through propaganda and

shitty cartoons, They have made us our own guards.

Ceeripes people, lets get those retroactive abortions going so

shit-for-brains can't hurt their own kids anymore. In my town two

tweakers lost/murdered their four year old ( no one knows, not even

them ) and poured bleach down the throat of their six year old. I

wish I could kill these swine on site, but I'm not allowed to - its

considered bad judgement.



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