Date: 29 Jan 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Iceknife)

Organization: Blue Island Fantasies BBS - Moraga, California.

Newsgroups: alt.slack


a little knowledge is a dangerous thing


half a wit is a dangerous thing


Why is it you can almost always tell the ones who've caught it, killed

it, cut it's head off, gutted it, cooked it, and eaten it?


They rarely smolder... they burst into open flames, or don't... none of

this HATE for breakfast, HATE for lunch, HATE for supper nonsense.


People with THUMBS generally use hate as a appetizer. It lacks substance

and nourishment - it's mostly flavor.


Are people with names that start with nasal intonations more prone to

whining and pissing about? Maybe!


Impotence from the neck up isn't caused by intellectual problems, the

lack of data collection and association skills are a symptom of an

EMOTIONAL malaise; cowardice.


FEAR is common, expected, and useful. The cowardice comes from succumbing

to the fear. The real damage comes not from facing the fear for what it

is, but from facing and NOT identifying the cowardice.


Fear of feeling is eating our society alive. Detatchment follows rapidly,

with the tendency to view others as inferior (it helps re-inforce the

psychological separation.


WHY is he telling alla this?


So that in the FUTURE, if I call you BUNNY, you know it's because you're

like a little kid acting tough, and because you and I both know that

SOONER or LATER you're gonna DIE, everyone you ever loved or cared about

is gonna DIE, we're all gonna DIE, and you just can run fast or far

enough to escape it.







Reagan was more like a doormouse.


Dennis is like a hawk. I'm like an owl.

P. Kitty is like a P.Kitty.

Stang is like a badger.

Philo is like a blowfish.

Janor is like a treefrog.

Tarla is like a spider.




If you wear a lot of camo, you may well be BUNNY.


Does feeling good bother you? Do you hate it when other people are happy?

Do you come from an emotionally repressive family?


Check your shit... you may be BUNNY.


My sincere appologies to all lapine persons reading this... no offense to

ACTUAL bunnies intended (the rest of you, fuck bugs and die).


You may now resume pretending to be tough and/or cool.