Subject: Re: alt.slack Web Page

Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 09:18:34 -0700

From: nu-monet <>


Organization: Frontier GlobalCenter Inc.

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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Reverend Imposter Eliot wrote:



> Great. A sea of Bobbies. Hey, if that's your fantasy, fine.


No, but if only a fraction of them send $30, Rev. Stang will

be able to enjoy *his* fantasies.



> Me, I prefer quality over quantity. A single one liner from an

> alt.slack post has done more for me than the thousands of crappy

> rehash pages on the web, all with bright shining links to




And for this reason you created a SubGenius web page that was

truly novel and unique and grabbed people by the balls and

married them?


Or do you just think that laziness is slack?


The hardest I'll ever work is for slack. I'll spend hours composing

slackful posts, with an incredible expenditure of effort going into

producing gut-wrenching tales of abnormality that *accomplish absolutely

nothing* except on a cosmic level.


And how much effort and labor do the "Old Ones" put into creating and

maintaining surreality on a daily basis. You should get down on your

scabby knees to kiss their warty toes in gratitude.