Subject: I was handled by Nickie Deathchick

Date: 26 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: "St. K" <>

Organization: Only as little as necessary

Newsgroups: alt.slack



And she only charged me $5.50.


I finally quit scratching my ass and pulled out my wallet for Dobbs.

Nickie called me and told me that it may be three to six weeks until my

packet arrived. Bullshit! I had it in two days.


So there is another reason to send money to the Foundation--quickie

service. If you're not right with Dobbs, only your money can fix that

for you. If you have enjoyed 5,000 laugh-filled, but profound pages on

Subsite...If you have spent countless hours masturbating in

alt.slack...It's time to pay up. I did, and you know what? I got more

than my money's worth. I got reams of cool stuff. I got lots of paper

printed right up to the edge with a teeny tiny font. I lahk to laughed

my ass off. I showed some of this Dobbsly humor to a woman who was

still crying after a traumatic therapy session, and she started giggling

uncontrollably. I flashed my saucer ticket at a bartender and drank

free all night long. I found $975 in my mailbox the very next day. My

rash cleared up almost instantaneously. My dicks all grew longer...and

thicker. I lost weight and gained muscle. I'm making scads more money

than I used to, and working less. My dog's tumor went away. I've

gotten laid every night since I got my membership card.


So come on, ye pikers. Cast the pinkness out of your life. Get right

with "Bob."