Subject: hyurrk

Date: 17 Oct 1998 00:00:00 GMT

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here I is again fiddling around again in the only time of the day that

is mine to fiddle with, even though it's not day no more and has not

been for some time, and it's likely no good will come of the fiddling,

literary or otherwise, but hey, at least I'm not downloading shit from



I was, but I got tired of it.


I am starting to wonder about the long-term effects of sleep deficits.

One odd thing is that the less one sleeps, the less one wants to. At

least if that one is me. That's why I be here typing this shit instead

of taking a shower and falling asleep halfway between going ARRRRCH!

FUCK! too HOT! and GODDAM it! I hate these red towels and I wish SHE

wouldn't use them little fabric softener sheets that prevent their

absorbing even a LITTLE water, then falling over and maybe getting

kilt, and if not, maybe going to bed. But I'll take a crack at that in

a bit. Or maybe go to the Waffle House and talk to some stupid asshole

hauling a load of Chard from Encino about life on the road. heheheh.

Nah. Don't think so. Not tonight. Tempting as it may seem from first



Wife went crazy about 10 tonight and she and Theresa cooked a bunch of

fancy food for the lot of us. Some kind of Salmon Bisque and crab slop

in puff pastries and trick rice and asparagus and stuff, and everybody

is working hard enough not to give a fuck about the calories. Was

really good. Simon wouldn't eat any of it though, because he said he

won't eat anything that comes out of the water. He ain't allergic, but

he won't eat any fish or seafood or green vegetables or actually much

of ANYTHING besides read, meat, spuds, sugar and the like because he

has his heart set on dying of colon cancer before he gets old, just

like his dear 'ol dad, I guess. So he ate a peanut butter and jelly

sandwich and some Doritoes. Mexicans had no such scruples, but that's

good. Seafood is no account the next day, so I guess it is GOOD that

there WAS nothing left for the next day. They are in general a

gratifying lot to cook for, and will eat anything you stick in front

of them until it's either gone or you tell them to stop. They must

have really liked this shit, though, as they didn't even dump the

usual enough-hot-sauce-to-blister-boot-leather on it beforehand and

went blrp and graciassed thier asses off afterward. Wern't much worth

a shit after that, though. Was late. Let them pile back to the trailer

and the hut and zonk out. I on the other hand, went back to work and

fucked up a couple drawers and sorta fell asleep inside one of these

things until Phil started banging on it with a rubber mallet and said

"enuff's enuff. Get up. Pack it in. I'm Going home." He did. I came in

here and typed this crap.


I ain't going anywhere with this. What else is new?