Subject: Re: An Invader at alt.surrealism

Date: 14 Oct 1998 00:00:00 GMT

From: Peter Hipwell <>

Organization: Lytreia

Newsgroups: alt.slack, alt.foot.fat-free

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Jim Vandewalker wrote:


> In article <>,

> wrote:

> {

> { I'm the chairman and the game is

> { fixed! As panel members, you don't get a VOTE, you just get

> { plenty of time to ridicule him and offer hints that I should

> { have thought to mention. Stuff that in your bangio!


> Okay, now -- try these. Real words, and each one has at least

> one real definition attached.



> 1. obnubilate \ahb-NUE-buh-late\ (verb) :

> a. (verb) becloud, obscure

> b. (verb) to come of marriagible age

> c. (verb) to rub or stub out violently





> 2. flageolet \flaj-uh-LET, flaj-uh-LAY\

> a. (noun) a small flute resembling the treble recorder.

> b. (noun) a sort of bean

> c. (noun) a flower of the iris family


This is both A and B. You can't trick me like that! HA!


> 3. couloir \cool-WAHR\

> a. (noun) a steep mountainside gorge

> b. (noun) a holder for coal or other fuel for a fire

> c. (noun) a Provençal mountain sheep formerly hunted for sport


A. C is too obviously "French" and "silly" (shhp hunting?), and I

don't believe there is any synonym for "scuttle".



> 4. pogonip \PAH-guh-nip\

> a. (noun) a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is

> formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.

> b. (noun) a leaf disease of tomatoes and potatoes

> c. (noun) an Australian jumping beetle


C, because it sounds Aussie.



> 5. doch-an-dorris \dakh-un-DOOR-us (kh as in BaCH)\

> a. (noun) a parting drink

> b. (noun) a popular television comedy in Wales in the 1980s

> c. (noun) a decorative form of lock and key made through the end

> of the 19th century by Cornwall and other west country

> blacksmiths


It's not B. The definition for C is TOO ELABORATE, sides it don't

sound Cornishish. No zeds. So it MUST, it MUST be A!



> 6. litotes \LIE-tuh-teez, LIT-uh-teez, lie-TOH-teez\

> a. (noun) understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by

> the negative of the contrary

> b. (noun) any of several species of tropical moths native to

> Arabia Felix and the Horn of Africa

> c. (noun) a medieval drinking vessel made of scraped horn





> 7. cynosure \SIE-nuh-shoor, SIN-uh-shoor\

> a. (noun) the northern constellation Ursa Minor; also : North

> Star

> b. (noun) a center of attraction or attention

> c. (adjective) in medicine a blue condition of the lips and

> nails indicating oxygen deficit


I think this is both A and B.



> 8. diapause \DIE-uh-pauze\

> a. (noun) a period of physiologically enforced dormancy between

> periods of activity

> b. (noun) the end of the day; twilight

> c. (noun) the next to the last foot of a line in anapestic meter





> 9. orgulous \OR-gyuh-lus, OR-guh-lus\

> a. (adjective) proud

> b. (noun) a kind of finish applied to linen fabric

> c. (adjective) said of an organ or tissue suffused with blood or

> other fluid


A. It's an adjective.



> 10. campanologist \kam-puh-NAH-luh-jist\ (noun) :

> a. (noun) one that practices or is skilled in the art of bell

> ringing

> b. (noun) one who makes or studies varieties of vinegar



A. My next door neighbour of ten years ago was a campanologist.



> 11. scrimshander \SKRIM-shan-der\

> a. (noun) a person who creates scrimshaw

> b. (noun) an alcoholic drink of scrumpy or fermented apple cider

> and lager

> c. (noun) in theatre parlance the person in charge of raising

> and lowering backdrops and scrims



A. Read that in obscure SF short story about guys on the moon

craving scrimshaw. I'm pretty shaw.


> 12. fugacious \fyew-GAY-shus\

> a. (adjective) disappearing before the usual time -- used

> chiefly of plant parts

> b. (adjective) covered in fine mold; scaly

> c. (adjective) said of a particularly thick and persistant sea

> fog





> 13. cacography \kak-AH-gruh-fee\

> a. (noun) bad spelling

> b. (noun) the study of the distribution of natural fertilizers

> and phosphates


A. Ran against this one in newsgroups a couple of months ago.

Deducible from structure of word.



> 14. tontine \TAHN-teen or tahn-TEEN\

> a. (noun) a joint financial arrangement whereby the participants

> usually contribute equally to a prize that is awarded entirely

> to the participant who survives all the others

> b. (noun) a Mexican saddle of the late Spanish colonial period

> decorated with silver and turquoise

> c. (noun) a kind of lacquer used to decorate boxes and furniture



A. It was used in that film... League of Gentlemen?


> 15. sternutation \stur-nyuh-TAY-shun\

> a. (noun) the act, fact, or noise of sneezing

> b. (noun) the act of steering or guiding a towed boat or barge

> c. (noun) the audible whistle or wheeze heard by stethoscope in

> the lungs of those impaired by asthma or pneumonic disease


A. Maybe C as well, but I think that's actually "sussuration".



> 16. banausic \buh-NAW-sick or buh-NAW-zick\ :

> a. (adjective) relating to or concerned with earning a living --

> used pejoratively

> b. (noun) a tropical disease related to undulant fever and

> endemic to Central Africa

> c. (adjective) the weatherbeaten or rotted condition of old rope

> or line and hence said of any rock climbing equipment that is no

> longer fit for service



A. C is far too ridiculous to be a real word. The morphological

structure suggests it is an adjective. Besides, they're probably

all A, you swine.


> 17. welkin \WELL-kun\

> a. (noun) the vault of the sky : firmament

> b. (noun) a small bell usually attached to the harness of a pony

> or dog

> c. (noun) a mollusc found in the waters of the North Sea and the

> Rhine and Scheldt estuaries; considered a delicacy in Holland

> and Belgium



A. Poetical, archaic.


> 18. nychthemeron \nick-THEHM-uh-rahn (TH as in "think")

> a. (noun) a full period of a night and a day

> b. (noun) a classical Grecian stringed instrument tuned in the

> Myxolidian mode

> c. (noun) the legal and ecclesiastical bureaucracy of the

> Byzantine Empire considered as a whole



A. Night-related stem.


> 19. pridian \PRID-ee-un\

> a. (adjective) of or relating to a previous day or to yesterday

> b. (noun) a medieval university librarian or bookbinder; now an

> honorary title at Jesus College, Oxford


A. I studied at Jesus College, Oxford.


> 20. paronomasia \pair-uh-no-MAY-zhee-uh or

> pair-ah-nuh-MAY-zhee-uh\

> a. (noun) a play on words

> b. (noun) in neuroscience the inability to name objects; caused

> by injury to or disease of the prefrontal fontanaleae



A. Clues from stem, the inability to name objects is "agnosia".


> 21. canicular \kuh-NIK-yuh-lur\

> a.(adjective) of or relating to the dog days of summer

> b. (noun) a mehanical lift for ascending a steep slope by means

> of a cog and rail

> c. (noun) a kind of woven matting used for chairs and stools



A seems implausible. But B is "funicula", as in the song. Or maybe

that's Italian. Whatever. A.


> 22. saltation \sal-TAY-shun or sawl-TAY-shun\

> a. (noun) the action or process of leaping or jumping

> b. (noun) dance

> c. (noun) the origin of a new species or a higher taxon in

> essentially a single evolutionary step that in some especially

> former theories is held to be due to a major mutation or to

> unknown causes

> d. (noun) the transportation of particles by currents of water

> or air in such a manner that they move along in a series of

> short intermittent movements



A. C & D are specialized senses of this.



How'd I do?



"I want to write about the philosophy of sitting in chairs because

I have a reputation for lolling." -- Lin Yutang