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{ I'm the chairman and the game is

{ fixed! As panel members, you don't get a VOTE, you just get plenty of

{ time to ridicule him and offer hints that I should have thought to

{ mention. Stuff that in your bangio!


Okay, now -- try these. Real words, and each one has at least one real

definition attached.


1. obnubilate \ahb-NUE-buh-late\ (verb) :

a. (verb) becloud, obscure

b. (verb) to come of marriagible age

c. (verb) to rub or stub out violently


2. flageolet \flaj-uh-LET, flaj-uh-LAY\

a. (noun) a small flute resembling the treble recorder.

b. (noun) a sort of bean

c. (noun) a flower of the iris family


3. couloir \cool-WAHR\

a. (noun) a steep mountainside gorge

b. (noun) a holder for coal or other fuel for a fire

c. (noun) a Provençal mountain sheep formerly hunted for sport


4. pogonip \PAH-guh-nip\

a. (noun) a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in

deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.

b. (noun) a leaf disease of tomatoes and potatoes

c. (noun) an Australian jumping beetle


5. doch-an-dorris \dakh-un-DOOR-us (kh as in BaCH)\

a. (noun) a parting drink

b. (noun) a popular television comedy in Wales in the 1980s

c. (noun) a decorative form of lock and key made through the end of the

19th century by Cornwall and other west country blacksmiths

6. litotes \LIE-tuh-teez, LIT-uh-teez, lie-TOH-teez\

a. (noun) understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by the

negative of the contrary

b. (noun) any of several species of tropical moths native to Arabia Felix

and the Horn of Africa

c. (noun) a medieval drinking vessel made of scraped horn


7. cynosure \SIE-nuh-shoor, SIN-uh-shoor\

a. (noun) the northern constellation Ursa Minor; also : North Star

b. (noun) a center of attraction or attention

c. (adjective) in medicine a blue condition of the lips and nails

indicating oxygen deficit


8. diapause \DIE-uh-pauze\

a. (noun) a period of physiologically enforced dormancy between periods of


b. (noun) the end of the day; twilight

c. (noun) the next to the last foot of a line in anapestic meter


9. orgulous \OR-gyuh-lus, OR-guh-lus\

a. (adjective) proud

b. (noun) a kind of finish applied to linen fabric

c. (adjective) said of an organ or tissue suffused with blood or other fluid


10. campanologist \kam-puh-NAH-luh-jist\ (noun) :

a. (noun) one that practices or is skilled in the art of bell ringing

b. (noun) one who makes or studies varieties of vinegar


11. scrimshander \SKRIM-shan-der\

a. (noun) a person who creates scrimshaw

b. (noun) an alcoholic drink of scrumpy or fermented apple cider and lager

c. (noun) in theatre parlance the person in charge of raising and lowering

backdrops and scrims


12. fugacious \fyew-GAY-shus\

a. (adjective) disappearing before the usual time -- used chiefly of plant


b. (adjective) covered in fine mold; scaly

c. (adjective) said of a particularly thick and persistant sea fog


13. cacography \kak-AH-gruh-fee\

a. (noun) bad spelling

b. (noun) the study of the distribution of natural fertilizers and phosphates


14. tontine \TAHN-teen or tahn-TEEN\

a. (noun) a joint financial arrangement whereby the participants usually

contribute equally to a prize that is awarded entirely to the participant

who survives all the others

b. (noun) a Mexican saddle of the late Spanish colonial period decorated

with silver and turquoise

c. (noun) a kind of lacquer used to decorate boxes and furniture


15. sternutation \stur-nyuh-TAY-shun\

a. (noun) the act, fact, or noise of sneezing

b. (noun) the act of steering or guiding a towed boat or barge

c. (noun) the audible whistle or wheeze heard by stethoscope in the lungs

of those impaired by asthma or pneumonic disease


16. banausic \buh-NAW-sick or buh-NAW-zick\ :

a. (adjective) relating to or concerned with earning a living -- used


b. (noun) a tropical disease related to undulant fever and endemic to

Central Africa

c. (adjective) the weatherbeaten or rotted condition of old rope or line

and hence said of any rock climbing equipment that is no longer fit for



17. welkin \WELL-kun\

a. (noun) the vault of the sky : firmament

b. (noun) a small bell usually attached to the harness of a pony or dog

c. (noun) a mollusc found in the waters of the North Sea and the Rhine and

Scheldt estuaries; considered a delicacy in Holland and Belgium


18. nychthemeron \nick-THEHM-uh-rahn (TH as in "think")

a. (noun) a full period of a night and a day

b. (noun) a classical Grecian stringed instrument tuned in the Myxolidian mode

c. (noun) the legal and ecclesiastical bureaucracy of the Byzantine Empire

considered as a whole


19. pridian \PRID-ee-un\

a. (adjective) of or relating to a previous day or to yesterday

b. (noun) a medieval university librarian or bookbinder; now an honorary

title at Jesus College, Oxford


20. paronomasia \pair-uh-no-MAY-zhee-uh or pair-ah-nuh-MAY-zhee-uh\

a. (noun) a play on words

b. (noun) in neuroscience the inability to name objects; caused by injury

to or disease of the prefrontal fontanaleae


21. canicular \kuh-NIK-yuh-lur\

a.(adjective) of or relating to the dog days of summer

b. (noun) a mehanical lift for ascending a steep slope by means of a cog

and rail

c. (noun) a kind of woven matting used for chairs and stools


22. saltation \sal-TAY-shun or sawl-TAY-shun\

a. (noun) the action or process of leaping or jumping

b. (noun) dance

c. (noun) the origin of a new species or a higher taxon in essentially a

single evolutionary step that in some especially former theories is held to

be due to a major mutation or to unknown causes

d. (noun) the transportation of particles by currents of water or air in

such a manner that they move along in a series of short intermittent




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