Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 19:03:12 -0800

From: "David T. St. Albans" <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack



When I first read this technique, I thought, sure, what crap! No one ever

makes money as easy as this. Then later, after being hit over the head many

times by the same vapid posts spammed to me in an endless succession of

blurred technofonts I came to my senses! I tried this technique, and it



First go out a spend a maximum of six dollars on a nice, chromed hunting

knife. Next, find a likely neighborhood, one with people in it that drive

better cars than you do. follow one home one day after you pick up your

unemployment check! Now, wait until dark, hide in the bushes or some dark

place and wait for the person to either drive in his driveway or come out

the door. Next leap out, brandishing the knife and yell these secret words.

. ."Give me all your money, Motherfucker, or I'll cut your nuts off!" This

usually does the trick. Watch as the cash flows out of their wallets or

pants pockets! You just made twenty to two hundred dollars OR MORE!!! on a

six dollar investment! Wow!

Try this same technique outside of theaters, restaurants or near

porno-stores! It works almost everytime. It works for me. It WILL work for

you! Remember a six dollar investment is all you need to succeed! No

pyramids, no MLM's, no vitamins or Amway products to buy! This is your key

to the future and your own business! Plus as an added bonus, PAY NO TAXES

EVER! How? It's an all cash business, never tell the IRS and how will they

ever know? Think about it! I did.

No. 1254897# Nevada State Penitentiary. And Member in good standing.

Rev. Archimandrite Pudlevitcz


BTW. Did everyone here know that the Russian Orthodox Church was in bed with

the KGB and now the Neo Nazi movement? Heil Jesus! Heil Mary! These ROC's

kick butt! They kick it! Yeah!