The Steel Toad Speaks!

Author:Myrkury <>





Oh! Fine fettle frogs feindishly fraternizing with mine enemy! It is you

upon whom I call down this pox this enamoration of banality. May Dick Van

Dyke's eternal ottoman stumble throb upon your conciousness like an open

genital sore. Seeketh you wisdom in experience? The autodidact will

surely meet his end who seeks to learn of fury in the midst of the

cauldron. The Achillies at whose heel you gnaw will spite you when you

try to rise for his false deeds are empty as your aspirations. Defiance

and martyrdom are weak and empty shells brought higher and higher upon the

beach of cultural conciousness till they form the litch of teen cinema

defiance, Judd Nelson barking "please sir may I have another!" in the

Breakfast Club. Thank you comrade for procuring the self identificatrion

of all disruptive social elements.

Will you buy the new teen girl shiny silk g-string panties and fill the

crotch with crazy glue? Will there be a stronger than steel bond between

virgin and whore? Does your awareness of life as nothing more than a tiny

black and white screen flickering while a washed up 1940's film star plays

the bit part of the overbearing boss "Them that asks for raises don't get

raises." Better than a slave! An open market rebel tagged and ready for

mechanical meat separation. Bow down you scurvy sea dogs, its a pirate's

life for me!

Where is the rope we bought to hang ourselves with? Is even this a

shoddy as seen on TV product. Are we so debased in tragedy? Where then

can we pour forth the rage against the removal of the very wall we seek to

cast ourselves against to seek the anethsatized euphoria of the bull

before it takes the sword? Take back your Joy! Rage through what is

mundane, sing happy songs at the Department of motor vehicles, tell

everyone at the bank how pretty you feel, send tasteful langerie shots of

yourself to Jesse Helms. But most of all fuck 'em if they try to screw

your joke.


Have a nice day,