Subject: what i've learned this week

Date: 30 Dec 1997 00:00:00 GMT

From: "kevbob" <>

Organization: end of the beginning

Newsgroups: alt.slack



1: this isn't really knowledge, but my right ear is feeling kinda weird. is

no infection, but it almost feels like something is moving around in it.

weird, not itching, doesn;t "hurt" just feels like it's moving. maybe the

tmg (is that it bro?) mixed with the tinnitus mixed with selfinducedstress

et all are making me go deaf in one ear. hehe, good one world.


2: it's not that people are cheap per se, they just really really hate me.


3: it only snows in tennessee if someone makes a song for it.




5: jumpers don't just spontaneously pop off, you have to rub them the wrong

way. but, i'd damn well like to know how i did it. and i'd double dog damn

well like to know just where they are supposed to go.


6: cthl just had major surgery, and noone seems to care, except for Peter



7: bad things have a habit of happening RIGHT before you are supposed to go

off on vacation.


8: save those frequent lier miles.


9: things aren't ever as bad as you'd like them to be.


10: there is never enough time


11: television has a mindnumbing complacency inducing quality that is more

addictive to me than nicotine and Coke combined


12: murphy MAY have been an optimist, but he's also dead.


13: everything is more fun than you'd like to believe


14: it's not that people can't drive, per se, they just REALLY hate me.


15: the longer it takes you to fix something for someone, the more time 1)

they have of finding things for you to fix that weren't in the original

quote 2) the more time the thing your trying to fix has to develop more



16: it's not that microsoft products HATE me, it's just the opposite: they

REALLY like me, and just want to spend MORE time with me.


17: Sarcasm has a flat curve


18: niceness has a steep curve


19 i hate things that are hard


20: the CotSG just wants me for my money


(incidentally, i HAVE no money, HaHa.)


21: Noone wants my money.


22: When someone won't look you in the eye, sometimes your only recourse is

to be a severe pain in their ass.


23: All my mirrors are above eye level.


24: People who RANDOMLY send you tapes are Angels.


25: it's not that i don;t like the holidays, i just won;t look them in the



26: There is no such thing as knowing too much for your own good, there is

only not keeping your mouth shut for your own good. Morals be damned

people, just keep QUIET about it!!! So, her dress is uglier than sin,

LIE!!!!!!!! it was good enough for the POPE, it's good enough for YOU!

really, how could you know too much??? unless making an informed decision

is just TOO HARD. i am SO sick of these useless neebs who jump to

conclusions with their (INSERT TOPIC HERE) For Dummies $24.95 so called

expertise. Really. if you thought you knew it all, why the hell are you

asking me.


27: Penguins can kick your ass, if they have a mind to.


Why is it that there is an overabundance of People without a mind, yet every

Penguin i have EVER met has had one?


28: Writing Large Reminders on the White Board above your Desk in Bright Red

Letters to Remind you to do Something Important are only Useful if you Look



29: Sheep don't look up.


30: when i least expect it, i moo.


31: a "bad winter" is entirely subjective


32: Dick Clark is STILL alive. i didn;t realize this.


33: MegaLiz is, in fact, NOT a woman. This came as a HUGE surprise to me.

In addition, nor is "he" a "mother" (urm, there has GOT to be a better way

to word that). MegaLiz, is in all actuality, in Prison. The "children"

"he" keeps talking "about" are in fact the scurious vermin who roam about

his "cell". Ever seen Papillon? I rest my case. (hey, hoffman and macqueen

shoving things up their butts! what more COULD you want?) AND, RevJack IS a

man, and the warden at MegaLiz's "prison". I haven;t found out the

particulars yet, like what "he" is in for, or "where" he is incarcerated, or

"when" his release date is set. More as i find o




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