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>R$BsW(Je Conscient

>Conscious Dreams and Consciousness(Version 2) (Brouillon:draft)


>I have discovered and scientifically explored conscious dreams in I976 and =

>published about that in I979/I98O/I98I in France(AGRESSOLOGIE,MASSON eds.Pa=

>ris)and in Italy in 1976.In my articles I described what distinguishes this=

> form of dream from normal oneiric phenomena and I also analysed different =

>states of consciousness.The work I did is,apparently,the most advanced whic=

>h has been done in this field,by following the scientific methodology.Of co=

>urse,conscious dreams have been explored since a long time by the Tibetan m=

>onks but they had no knowledge of present-day scientific analysis.Conscious=

> dream is,wrongly,called "lucid" dream in english.I will describe,here,a si=

>mple and efficient method in order to induce this kind of dream.Moreover,I =

>strongly believe that when most people will be able to enter,voluntarily,in=

> the virtual world of their dream world this will change,drastically,societ=

>y.Manipulating your own mind in conscious dreams cannot be compared with th=

>e highly primitive manipulations of computer generated virtual realities...=


>It is far more easy to enjoy the virtual reality which is in your own mind =

>than trying to enjoy primitive virtual realities generated by computers! To=

> that effect,you need no money,nothing,except exercising!Moreover,by doing =

>so you start to learn a lot about what is consciousness as,for instance,in =

>dreams you are frequently conscious of things which are non-existent in the=

> waking state reality.How you can be conscious of things which never existe=

>d is an important discovery which opens the scientific exploration of what =

>is exactly "consciousness".I analysed this,in detail,in my article of 1980.=



>How to achieve conscious dreams


>In order to become proficient in conscious dreams you need to exercise at l=

>east one hour per night,very,very regularly.Regularity is of prime importan=

>ce in order to be able to penetrate,voluntarily,in your endogenous world or=

> ENDOREALITY.Going,at will,in your endoreality is one of the most rewarding=

> experience you can have in your life as you enter in the reality which is =

>completely yours and where nobody,no Inquisitor can follow you to prevent y=

>ou from just enjoying yourself.When you can achieve this,the exogenous real=

>ity or EXOREALITY becomes less "real",less stressing,less borring as you ca=

>n,now,consider willingly exoreality as dream-like,even it is not a dream! B=

>ut being able to consider exoreality as oneiric-like,oneiric-mimetic,gives =

>you much more freedom and self-confidence as you have now new values,new wa=

>ys of seeing important things,like,for instance,the death of your loved one=

>s or your own death.

>So here are the exercises you should,regularly,do in order to learn to pene=

>trate consciously in your endoreality:

>I.Before going to sleep,sit or lie in your bed for at least 3O minutes.

>2.In total darkness,just FOCUS your attention on darkness and try to VISUAL=

>ISE simple images,like the image of a triangle,a square,a leaf,or something=

> which gives you pleasure.For instance,focusing your visual attention on se=

>xual images will ameliorate your concentration!

>If you are a man you can focus your attention on images of a breast,of butt=

>ocks,of legs,etc

>If you are a woman focus your attention on a part of man's anatomy which tr=

>iggers your sexual desires.

>The purpose of this exercise is to teach you how to activate,specifically,s=

>ome of your memory zones in order to achieve the generation of controlled h=

>allucinations.This is a very difficult exercise but it will train your cons=

>ciousness to control itself.Focusing your attention is extremely important =

>in the discovery of your memory and consciousness.

>In the beginning if you focus your attention on,let say,a triangle,you will=

> observe the appearance of a faint triangular shape in the darkness and you=

> will discover that this triangle will have a strong tendency to move,rotat=

>e,or simply disappear to be replaced by another faint image.Such faint imag=

>es are called DISSATENUATED images.A clear and controlled hallucinated imag=

>e is called a completely disattenuated image,while faint images are called =

>partially disattenuated images.We will explain this later.

>To see a memorised image as clearly as a real image means that you activate=

> the metabolism of a memory zone where this image is stored.Selective metab=

>olic activation of memory zones gives you a lot of power in your dreams and=

>,also,surprisingly,in the exoreality where we all live.

>3.While focusing your attention on INFORMATIONAL OBJECTS(a stored image of =

>an object perceived in exoreality is called likewise)try your best to forge=

>t the boundaries of your body.

>4.Try not to move at all and breathe deeply and regularly,like someone who =

>is sleeping.

>5.When 3O minutes or more have elapsed,just go to sleep but you still have =

>to wake up in the early morning!

>6.Wake up early in the morning,between 4 or 5 and just repeat the whole exe=


>7.When you next wake up write,as fast as possible,everything you can rememb=

>er of your dreams.Slowly,slowly you will discover that you remember more an=

>d more dreams and in increasing details.

>8.During the day,when you have time,just focus your attention on complex ob=

>jects such as flowers,the ripples of water in a river,the shape of trees,le=

>aves,examine carefully the content of books,etc.This teaches you the same t=

>hing as before:how to better focus your consciousness on reality.

>After some weeks or months of such a training it will,once,happen that you =

>will make your first conscious dream,in the second phase of your exercise,t=

>hat is in early morning.You will remember that as an extraordinary experien=

>ce as you will discover that reality is only made of perceptions.Reality fo=

>r all of us is what we consciously perceive.It does not matter from where t=

>he incoming information flows,from exoreality or endoreality.Evolution has =

>put in our central nervous system(C.N.S)a mechanism which erases the consci=

>ousness of our dreams.If it did not do so,all of us would have chosen to li=

>ve in our respective endorealities and our species would just be extinct!

>Just see how people are running into exceedingly primitive computer-generat=

>ed virtual realities.Imagine what would happen if all people could go,at wi=

>ll,in the ultimate virtual reality of their own mind!!! The mercantilistic =

>society which now prevails would just become extinct as,in our endoreality,=

>we can achieve everything we want at no cost at all.The only cost is learni=

>ng.Life would me more tranquil as people would cease to compete and to run,=

>desperately,after "exoreal" objects in order to run,instead,after their own=

> informational objects...When you can access to the informational objects s=

>tored into your memory you do not need anymore money and power to realise y=

>our desires.It is far more easy to learn how to gratify yourself with infor=

>mational objects than working like a mad to become a millionnaire who will =

>have LESS than you because he can only possess exoreal objects!

>The discovery of our endoreality will be the new "alphabetisation" of the h=

>uman kind as this will be a complete revolution which will transform our so=

>cieties in ways we cannot yet imagine.Endoreality exploration is the first =

>prerequisite in order to analyse and understand what is "consciousness".


>There are two ways of penetrating into a conscious dream



>I.In the first case,when you will do your second round of exercises,now lyi=

>ng in your bed,you will notice the following phenomena which will tell you =

>that you are on the verge of crossing the frontier between exoreality and e=

>ndoreality:you may notice a buzzing sound in your ears or,more often,you wi=

>ll feel,suddenly,that your body "becomes light" and moves upwards.Then you =

>may,all of a suddeen,see a very bright three dimensional image just in fron=

>t of your eyes.Do not become excited,do not panic! Stay very calm because i=

>f you become excited or even just move your finger,then the marvellous imag=

>e will instantly disappear and you will have lost the opportunity to make y=

>our first exploration of your endoreality! Be tranquil,observe the image.Su=

>ddenly,you will become a part of this image and you will find yourself with=

> an informational body,that is an oneiric body which is,exactly,like your e=

>xoreal body.Do not be too excited.Breathe slowly now that you are in your d=

>ream reality!Then go for exploration.

>2.In the second case,you will feel the same phenomena but no image will app=

>ear and you may just think you are still in your exoreal bed.Don't be so su=

>re! Leave your bed and try to put some light.If you fail,this may mean you =

>actually penetrated in your endoreality as,often,in conscious dreams lights=

> do not turn on.If there is no light,just open your window.Then look at you=

>r room for details.Is everything in its correct place? If your room differs=

> from your normal room,then you can be sure you are in a dream and,of cours=

>e,if you slept at let say 4:3O and when you opened your window you discover=

>ed a full sunny day,with modifications of the surroudings,you will now,for =

>sure know that you successfully penetrated,consciously,into your own memory=

>!Then do the same as explained before:go for exploration,quietly.If you do =

>not remain calm,you may just wake up.


>What to do in a Conscious Dream?


>This is not an obvious question.The first thing you should do in a consciou=

>s dream is just to observe your endoreality and compare it with exoreality.=

>Try to meet oneiric people,speak with them,kiss them if you like,think abou=

>t how they can perceive you:do they really have "sensory organs"?Compare th=

>eir behaviour with the behaviour of exoreal people.Test their will.Do they =

>have "free will"?Make experiments with them in order to evaluate "their psy=

>chology".Ask them questions:do you know we are in my dream?What do you do w=

>hen I am awake!Are you aware that we all share the same central nervous sys=

>tem?,etc,etc. After a while you will fully realise that endoreality and exo=

>reality are similarly vivid,"real" and that you were,before,just like a chi=

>ld who never learned to read.You did not know that so many things happened =

>in your mind when you were sleeping!You always,erroneously,believed that "d=

>reams" were "only" dreams and could be distinguished from exoreality.And yo=

>u believed so because you suffered from amnesia due to lack of training.You=

> will realise,especially if you are a neuroscientist,that there are no clea=

>r-cut differences between the two realities except that both obey to differ=

>ent laws:exoreality obeys to the physical laws discovered by Science and en=

>doreality obeys to the laws of the neurophysiology of memory.You will soon =

>discover that exoreality is devoid of EXTRAORDINARITY while endoreality is =

>full of extraordinarity.In your endoreality any extraordinary thing can hap=

>pen:you may speak to a cat or be transformed into a woman,if you are a woma=

>n;you may transform yourself in another person or in a passion-fruit flower=

>,you may become,simultaneously,two or three persons AT THE SAME TIME,etc.

>You can divide yourself into two persons,let say a woman and a man,and just=

>,then,make love with yourself! This is an extraordinary fullfilling experie=

>nce which cannot be described in exoreal terms.You have to discover it by y=

>ourself.All these virtual experiences will make you see exoreality into a t=

>otally transformed way as,endoreality,will then be to you like a space of g=

>reat freedom while exoreality will be considered like a form of prison,beca=

>use exoreality is,totally,devoid,of extraordinarity.

>Slowly,slowly you will also get a sense that exoreality is,perhaps,not as r=

>eal as we think but that it might be just a part of an unknown hyper-realit=

>y of which we are totally unaware.Already modern physicists can guess of su=

>ch hyper-realities into which our own reality would only be a small,"illuso=

>ry",part.For instance,Andr$Brq(J Linde,a renown physicist,described a mod=

>el of the universe(called the inflationnary fractal universe)which just loo=

>ks like what we could guess of hyper-reality.

>When you are in a conscious dream,you will first enjoy,meet loving women or=

> men,make oneiric friends,visit Tahiti or Havai'i,the moon or mars,etc.Of c=

>ourse all these experiences are imaginary but so is imaginary your own life=

> in exoreality!

>After that,you should analyse the oneiric world,for instance you can try no=

>w to evaluate what is the degree of freedom that you and your oneiric partn=

>ers have in the endoreality.Doing this,you will,one day,discover that oneir=

>ic people are HYBRIDS between yourself and between what you think you know =

>about others.For instance,oneiric people can answer to any question the sam=

>e exoreal people could not answer.They can be influenced by your thoughts,e=

>tc.They are not always free to behave like they do and,most often,their vol=

>ition is very weak in front of your own volition.One of the most important =

>thing in the endoreality is that you can study,first hand,how your memory w=

>orks.In a way you become your own Sherlock Holmes and this is highly exciti=

>ng as you are scientifically exploring a world where no scientists have gon=

>e before you! You are on your way to become a pioneer of the "mind".

>There are a lot of things to explore and analyse in conscious dreams. I wil=

>l explain,now, some of the things I have discovered,since I976,when I first=

> penetrated into a conscious dream.


>About different states of consciousness and "new" concepts(I976)




>I will explain,later,in more details,why I call hallucinations "disattenuat=

>ed images".Basically,this stems from the fact that our brain is equipped wi=

>th a structure called the ATTENUATOR of which the function is to control,li=

>ke a kind of potentiometer,the quantity of information flowing from memory =

>to consciousness.An imaginary image of an exoreal object is,thus,a fully at=

>tenuated image while the same hallucinated image is called a fully disatten=

>uated image.When we dream the Attenuator ceases functioning and so informat=

>ion flows freely and unhampered to consciousness.Hallucinogens are,in fact,=

>disattenuating molecules while serotoninergics,like the specific serotonin =

>re-uptake blockers,are pro-attenuation molecules meaning that they increase=

> the degree of attenuation of recalled stored memories.Conversly,disattenua=

>ting molecules increase the degree of informational flow from memory to con=

>sciousness.This process is called "disattenuation".

>The brain is also equipped of another very important structure called,in Fr=

>ench,the D$BqS(Jepix$BqM(Jisateur,which could be translated,into englis=

>h,as the "Disrepixelisator" or D.R.P.The DRP is responsible of the continui=

>ty of our consciousness during waking time.During dreaming,the DRP also sto=

>ps functionning,thus introducing discontinuity in our thoughts which become=

> fragmented,like in schizophrenia.In fact,schizophrenia is,essentially,a di=

>sease of the DRP which is malfunctioning.The DRP is so responsible for the =

>normality of our consciousness during our waking time.We do not know yet wh=

>ich brain structures are involved in the DRP but one structure which seems =

>to be a part of this system is the hippocampus.

>The DRP controls the informational structure of our consciousness and maint=

>ains the stability of this structure.The DRP is,very probably,a system whic=

>h controls the intensity of metabolism in those zones which give rise to co=

>nsciousness.When metabolic activity is low in these zones,then we have our =

>normal structure of cousciousness.The structure of consciousness is also ca=

>lled a "pixelisation pattern"(motif de pix$BqM(Jisation,in French).When m=

>etabolic activity becomes elevated,then our consciousness dissolves into a =

>mosaic of unrelated informational events.During our waking time,the DRP mai=

>ntains a low metabolism in the zones of our brain responsible for conscious=

>ness.So the DRP(and also the Attenuator!)is a metabolic modulator.Understan=

>ding how the DRP works is understanding many different states of consciousn=

>ess,from the normal waking type of consciousness to the dream or schizophre=

>nic types of consciousness.The functioning of the DRP and the Attenuator ar=

>e interelated.Depending on these interelations you will get different state=

>s of consciousness.There is also another system which is fundamental in ord=

>er to understand different states of consciousness.It is called the S.B.E.M=

>(syst$BoN(Je de blocage des $BqG(Jf$BqS(Jences motrices)in French and=

> I will keep the same acronym in English.The S.B.E.M is a neuronal system =

>which blocks motor efferents during the onset of dream but which does not w=

>ork during schizophrenic states,were it remains inactive.This is why schizo=

>phrenics express an oneiric way of thinking while awake.


>Different states of consciousness are generated via the mutual interactions=

> of the Attenuator,DRP and S.B.E.M.



>The way the DRP,the Attenuator and the S.B.E.M work together determines dif=

>ferents states of consciousness,depending upon the states of activity or in=

>activity of these integrated structures.

>For instance, the normal waking state of consciousness will be defined like=





>The normal dreaming state will,thus,be:




>The conscious dream state will be:




>The hallucinatory schizophrenic state will be:




>The non-hallucinatory schizophrenic state will be:




>Hallucinatory states, drug induced, will be:

>Attenuator:More or less inactive



> Make yourself proficient in conscious dreams as this will be the next huma=

>n revolution to come,a revolution as important as the discovery of fire or =

>of writing.



>Continuity and Discontinuity of Consciousness


>The main characteristic of the dream and schizophrenic state of consciousne=

>ss is discontuinity.When we are awake our consciousness is continuous and t=

>his is the reason why we can express ourselves in a verbally "logical" way.=

>On the contrary the consciousness of the schizophrenic or the dreamer is ma=

>de of continuous and discontinuous parts,alternatively.The nature of these =

>discontinuities come from the way our memory is organised and structured.Bi=

>ological memories are not sequential memories:they store information both i=

>n a continuous and discontinuous way.Discontuinity comes from the fact that=

> our memory classifies information through motifs,patterns.In fact,the brai=

>n has nothing to do with the computer analogy as a brain is,actually,a PATT=

>ERN ANALYSER not a sequential analyser like computers.Computers will become=

> intelligent only when they will work as artificial pattern analysers.As lo=

>ng as they will work sequentially they will continue to be complete imbecil=

>es! In fact,as a neuroscientist,I am amazed about how computers can be stup=

>id.One other reason for their lack of any intelligence is that they cannot =

>make mistakes and mistakes are the basis of emerging intelligence.

>Our memory so stores information according to patterns.For instance spheric=

>al objects will be stored in the same memory area,triangular objects will b=

>e stored in their own memory area,etc.

>An area which stores homologous pattern is called,in French,a "Domaine d'ho=

>mologie motifielle" which may be translated as "homologous pattern domain"=

>=2EFor instance all the heads off people we have seen in our life are store=

>d in a common homologous pattern domain which can be called,for convenience=

>,a "pattern domain of heads"!

>In the consciousness of normal people,those domains are,always,in a very lo=

>w metabolic state.Thus,the patterns stored in these domains do not RADIATE =

>outside.Metabolically inactive patterns,then,do not enter into consciousnes=

>s making our consciousness rather continuous.If the metabolic status of the=

>se domains is increased,then these domains start to radiate in all directio=

>ns of our memory,introducing discontinuity,as our consciousness will start =

>to flow according to pattern homologies.This can be very well observed with=

> the psychotropic cannabinoids as cannabinoids,specifically,enhance the met=

>abolism of homologous pattern domains thus giving rise to the typical disco=

>ntinuous thoughts of a person intoxicated with cannabinoids.This,in fact,is=

> the beginning of madness as pure madness will be characterised by a still =

>higher metabolic activity in these domains.The thoughts of schizophrenics =

>will so be,essentially,discontinuous and this discontinuity will ,naturally=

>,put them in a state of total confusion as their consciousness will,then,b=

>ecome ILLUSIONISED.The French psychiatrist,Dr.Joseph Moreau de Tours seems =

>to have understood this phenomenon in his book "Du Haschich et de l'Ali$Bq=

>O(Jation Mentale",published in 1845 already...,one of the greatest ever bo=

>ok written on the mind.


>The Illusionised Consciousness:Towards an understanding of Consciousness



>When your consciousness is illusionised you can no longer recognise what yo=

>u perceive from exoreality. To be properly conscious of an exogenous patter=

>n this specific pattern should be compared to its endogenous counterpart st=

>ored in our memory.If is is,erroneously,compared to a different pattern the=

>n our consciousness is illusionised:we are no more in adequation with the e=

>xternal(exogenous)reality.This is the essence of madness and of dreams wher=

>e we are "conscious"(aware)of things which never existed in exoreality like=

> false memories,etc.False memories generated in dreams are,wrongly,interpre=

>ted by non-scientists as "recollection" of "past lives"! When you can exper=

>ience the illusionised state by yourself,first hand,then you can understand=

> how people can be convinced of the real "existence" of non-real events.

>When homologous pattern domains are very active metabolically then proper r=

>ecognition of exogenous patterns is disturbed and consciousness becomes "fr=

>agmented" because it,in fact,radiates in different stored homologous patter=

>ns.So,schizophrenia is a state of hypermnesia.There is a limit to the quant=

>ity of homologous patterns which can be recalled per unit of time.When this=

> limit is crossed,then we become crazy or we start,also,to dream!(This limi=

>t is called,in French,the SEUIL D'ILLUSION").This means that no drug will e=

>ver be invented which could intensify our recalls indefinitely as indefinit=

>e recall just generates consciousness radiation,that is confusion! Cannabin=

>oids are memory enhacers but,under their influence,we remember so many thin=

>gs that we just forget them nearly as soon as we have remembered them!!! To=

> the outside observer,this looks like amnesia but this is,actually,hypermne=

>sia.This physiological limit to proper conscious recall reminds,a bit,the p=

>roblem of uncertainty discovered by Heisenberg.However,creative individuals=

> by continuously and nearly obsessively think to some ideas enhance the met=

>abolic status of the areas where their ideas are stored giving rise to a ph=

>enomenon of interaction/synthesis in homologuous pattern domains.This inter=

>action/synthesis is the BASIS of Creativity.


>Creativity is a Process of Spontaneous Informational Self-Organisation



>Memory is a "Structure Informationnelle Auto-Organisatrice",that is a self-=

>organising structure.This means that the content of memory spontaneously re=

>orders itself to make more complex informational structures.

>This is done through continuous interaction/synthesis phenomena, going on i=

>n the homologuous pattern domains which,progressively,complexify the inform=

>ations stored in biological memories.This is the very essence of creativity=

> where new ideas suddenly appear when they are sufficiently self-organised.=

>Biological memories,constantly,create ORDER,through interaction/synthesis i=

>n homologous pattern domains.Then one level or order proceeds to a higher l=

>evel,and so on.Cannabinoids can stimulate this natural phenomenon by enhanc=

>ing the metabolism of memory zones.This does not mean that everyone can bec=

>ome creative with cannabinoids because,in order to be creative,you need to =

>study and accumulate a lot of conflicting data in your memory! Moreover,as =

>we have seen,the hypermnesia induced by cannabinoids leads to spontaneous a=

>mnesia:ideas are forgotten nearly as soon as they are discovered because co=

>nsciousness,under cannabinoids,radiates in a multitude of homologuous patte=

>rn domains(these new ideas are visual in nature and one can learn to see hi=

>s or her thoughts self-organising)!


>When two forms of drug-induced amnesia mutually cancel...



>This explains why the combination of benzodiazepines and cannabinoids(two m=

>olecules inducing "amnesia")can lead to mutual suppression of their side-ef=

>fects on memory as benzodiazepines lower metabolism,meaning that they also =

>diminish consciousness radiation.By adjusting the doses of a benzodiazepine=

>(like clonazepam,for instance)and of a cannabinoid you can enhance your rec=

>all abilities without falling into pseudo-amnesia,and get interesting scien=

>tific or philosophical insights.

>Introspective observation with cannabinoids gives you a good understanding =

>of the dreaming,or schizophrenic,mind as cannabinoids are,primarily,illusi=

>ogenic molecules.You do not get the same insight with hallucinogens as hall=

>ucinations and illusions are completely different phenomena.An illusion is =

>a state in which an exogenous pattern is not correctly identified while a h=

>allucination is a state in which you perceive something which just exists i=

>n your memory.In an hallucination you memory adds something to the exogenou=

>s perceived reality while in an illusion your memory wrongly identifies an =

>exogenous pattern.

>Illusions are fundamental in order to understand the oneiric and schizophre=

>nic states of consciousness.

>The only known illusiogens are,till now,the psychotropic cannabinoids.

>Cannabinoids have a lot of properties different from the hallucinogens.For =

>instance,they disrupt the speed of attenuation. =


>This speed is decreased under cannabinoids and this phenomenon gives rise t=

>o "time dilatation" observed under these drugs.

>Time perception is strongly modulated by serotonin.For instance,the specifi=

>c serotonin re-uptake blockers,such as fluvoxamine or zimelidine,suppress t=

>he perception of time as thoughts are decreased in consciousness.The number=

> of spontaneous thoughts per unit of time is essential in our subjective pe=

>rception of time flow.When we have few thoughts per unit of time,then time =

>flow seems slowed.On the contrary,when we have a lot of thoughts per =


>unit of time,then time flow seems augmented.

>So cannabinoids and serotonin reuptake blockers act on opposite direction a=

>s far as time perception is concerned.

>On the other hand,psilocin has an usual effect on time perception as the mo=

>vements of people under psilocin seem to be decreased! People seem to move =

>more slowly than usual.

>This may mean that the speed of attenuation is increased,contrary to haschi=

>ch.However,subjective time perception is not modiffied.


>Endoreality is like a coral!


>In exoreality we all express only one person:ourself.In endoreality,on the =

>contrary,we share a common imaginary space-time with other people who are s=

>tored representations of what we know about them.Our memory is so quite sim=

>ilar to a coral where myriads of polyps inhabit the same domain.Each endore=

>al person,including yourself,can be compared to a polyp inhabiting this spa=


>So in our endoreality many people live together in a same imaginary(virtual=

>)space-time.But to appear in this space-time the memory zones containing th=

>ose people have,of course,to become metabolically active.When we dream a ve=

>ry small percentage of our memory is highly metabolically active.If everyth=

>ing was active,then dream would not mirror exoreality but be a space of tot=

>al confusion!This is what seems to happen in the mind of those people who h=

>ave experienced an inefable mystic experience where their consciousness,app=

>arently,radiates in many homologuous patterns,simultaneously,giving to the =

>mystic this feeling that he can comprehend "everything" at the same time.


>We have no "free will":Everything we think reflects the Biochemistry of our=

> Nervous System


>-----------------------------------------------------Introspective psychoph=

>armacology and the study of different states of consciousness clearly demon=

>strate that what we think,we do,or we say is merely a reflection of the par=

>ticular biochemistry going on,at a certain time,in our central nervous syst=

>em(CNS).This is why,for instance,mankind is so irrational.

>Experiments of mine have shown that by slightly modifying brain neurochemis=

>try we can think in completely opposing ways and argue,for instance,with p=

>seudo-logical arguments to justify unconsciously this brain neurochemistry.=


>For instance if I modify my brain biochemistry in a more dopaminergic way,o=

>r more serotoninergic way or if I experiment such a sociabilising molecule =

>as gamma-hydroxybutyrate or still ingest female hormones,then I will see ve=

>ry clearly on myself how my thoughts only reflect my CNS biochemistry.

>This can be quite spectacular,sometimes,as you may find yourself arguing "l=

>ogically" in opposing ways,depending on the induced biochemical modificatio=


>For a psychopharmacologist there is no such thing as "free will",etc.This b=

>elief is only a prejudiced judeochristian cultural belief and a delusion.Th=

>ere are only states of consciousness expressing a particular CNS biochemist=

>ry.This is an extremely important scientific and philosophical observation =

>as it teaches us that any human discourse is always SUSPECT as someone will=


>When you become aware of this crucial fact you do not feel,anymore,an urgen=

>cy to communicate with others,in a pseudo "communication", as words are mer=

>ely a way to alter the brain neurochemistry of someone else so he may share=

> the same delusions as yours!Words are thus similar to psychotropic drugs a=

>nd such words as "love" or "hate","freedom",etc,are particularly hallucinog=

>enic.Politicians are experts in using hallucinogenic words in order to mani=

>pulate the mental states of others.So are playboys with their victims!

>All great dictators,such as Hitler,etc,have always been very keen at manipu=

>lating the biochemistry of others through words-induced emotional hallucina=

>tions,which are called cortico-limbic hallucinations.These hallucinations a=

>re far worse than cortical hallucinations induced by molecules like psiloci=

>n or other "hallucinogens".Cortico-limbic hallucinations mostly go unrecogn=

>ised in nature as people are not aware that they are,very often,hallucinati=

>ng cortico-limbically.This is why I also call these everyday hallucinations=

> "unidentified hallucinations".These hallucinations are the most dangerous =

>forms of hallucination for the human species and have been and are at the r=

>oot of man aggressive and violent behaviour intra-specifically.All wars,all=

> conflicts start with cortico-limbic hallucinations...

>A human being CAN NEVER have perfect objectivity and the examples are so nu=

>merous in Science itself to discourage us from trying to attain an authenti=

>c objectivity as scientists,like everybody,mostly express,in their discours=

>es,their own frustrations or delusions.Science IS NOT objective even though=

> it tries to reach objectivity.Science is the expression of the human mind =

>and we can conceive that very advanced intelligences could be completely at=

> odds with what we believe they should do as their "science" will also refl=

>ect the organisation of their "central nervous system" or equivalent.


>Human communication is highly primitive


>Man is still a primitive species as his symbolic sequential means of "commu=

>nication" has a very low flux of "bits per second" and because such a langu=

>age has a huge noise to signal ratio.Human "communication" is embedded in n=

>oise and thus the level of distorsion between 2 communicating persons is al=

>ways very high.

>It is very probable that advanced intelligences do not use anymore symbolic=

> sequential communication but,instead, non-symbolic non-sequential communic=

>ation as this form of communication is extremely accurate and fast.I guess =

>that in the future the human species will modify its CNS functionning,throu=

>gh a new science,yet to be born,and called NEUROMORPHOGENETICS.With this kn=

>owledge we will create de novo new communicating structures capable of tran=

>smitting and receiving non-symbolic non-sequential information.This will cr=

>eate a big gap between the present-day homo sapiens and the new homo yet to=

> be borned.

>In fact,a lot of reflexions on this topic leads me to think that there are =

>levels of intelligences and that the superior level has no logical interest=

> to even try to "communicate"with the lower levels.

>This is why I believe people like Carl Sagan,etc,who replaced the quest for=

> God by the quest of Extraterrestrial Intelligences(ETI)are,unconsciously,d=

>eluding themselves in the desperate search for a meaning and transcendance =

>of life.

>I firmly believe that there WILL NEVER be any form of "communication" betwe=

>en homo sapiens and ETI.

>Homo sapiens,for instance,does not communicate with mice because they are s=

>eparated by a big gap in intelligence.Likewise,ETI capable to reach our pla=

>net will certainly not waste their time with such a primitive species as ho=

>mo sapiens.Very probably ETI capable to reach the Earth would already use a=

> non-symbolic non-sequential means of communication,the result of this bein=

>g non-communication between the two species!Another thing which would certa=

>inly fundamentally separate ETI from us is that they should have learned no=

>t to age as ageing and death are the most fundamental problem for any intel=

>ligence. =


>When homo sapiens will have given rise to new more advanced homo (and proba=

>bly non-mortal, as death is a kind of genetic disease which needs to be rep=

>aired)he will soon fade away and I feel this may happen quite fast,maybe ju=

>st in a millenium.It is science-fiction to think that homo sapiens will rem=

>ain the same in a near future.Homo sapiens are doomed to disappear rapidly =

>and give rise to more advanced beings.In a way the real human,as I conceive=

> it,still does not exist as homo sapiens still share a lot in common with a=


>One day there will be real humans but we ARE NOT yet those humans.We are pr=

>e-humans,still very bestial and doomed to a grotesque destiny because of se=



>What is Consciousness?


>The study of dreams and schizophrenia demonstrates that consciousness,as a =

>whole,is the summation of small amounts of consciousness.

>Consciousness is,basically,a process involving pattern recognition.

>Pattern-recognition does not,automatically,lead to objective consciousness =

>as we can be(in dreams or in schizophrenia)conscious of non-existent "memor=



>D in exoreality. Why? Because our consciousness is illusionised,like this c=

>an happen under high doses of cannabinoids.To be conscious of false memorie=

>s is a highly exciting experience which opens you a quasi infinite number o=

>f subjective imaginary experiences!

>To develop all this here is time consuming and needs some drawings!

>Suffice to say that when an exoreal pattern is compared(in our memory)with =

>its corresponding endoreal pattern we become conscious of things which real=

>ly exist in exoreality.

>But when an exoreal pattern is compared to a slightly modified endoreal pat=

>tern then we become conscious of non-existent things.This is the basis of m=

>ost dream or madness experience.

>What regulates this proper or improper pattern recognition is the METABOLIC=

> STATE of memory areas involved in specific pattern recognition.A high meta=

>bolic rate in homologuous pattern domains will give rise to erroneous patte=

>rn recognition as homologuous pattern domains start to radiate in the imagi=

>nary space-time of memory.

>Consciousness is a story of pattern recognition and metabolism.This is why =

>consciousness is strongly modified by drugs enhancing or diminishing brain =

>metabolism in memory zones.

>For instance the specific serotonin-reuptake blockers decrease metabolism a=

>nd thus consciousness becomes empty,lethargic,while enhancing dopamine neur=

>otransmission leads to enhanced metabolism and thus enhanced consciousness.=


>Serotonin is,mostly(keeping apart the story of 5-HT2A receptors!),the molec=

>ule of tranquility,placidity.It makes us non-reactive to events,such as str=

>ess,sexual desire,etc.Serotonin decreases all base-line behaviours.

>Dopamine,on the contrary,is an ubiquitous metabolic activator and it stimul=

>ates activity,confidence,clarity of consciousness(up to the frontier of ill=

>usion where,consciousness,starts to radiate and thus becomes "confused"!).O=

>verconsciousness is thus equal to apparent confusion for an external observ=

>er,as demonstrated with experiments involving cannabinoids and benzodiazepi=

>nes.Things are very clearly recalled but quasi-instantaneously forgotten be=

>cause of consciousness radiation.


>When does Consciousness arise?


>Consciousness arises when exoreal and stored endoreal patterns are compared=


>The informational content per se of these patterns is NOT so important as t=


>process itself.If the comparison process is successful,then "consciousness"=

> arises INDEPENDANTLY from the objectivity of informational content.This is=

> the reason why we can be conscious of things which never existed in the ex=

>oreality.I became clearly aware of this process around 1979 and I refer the=

> reader to my articles for more information.