Subject: A Little Pete (Re: A Little Of This And A Little Of That).

Date: 03 Feb 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Mumthra)

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On Tue, 2 Feb 1999 19:29:34 GMT, Peter Hipwell

<> wrote:


:the 111th Ur-Beatle wrote:


:> in amazement, I beheld nu-monet <>

:> write in alt.slack:


:> [ my antipolitical rant. get your copy today! ]


:> :)Fear not, I for one, despite the ranting, still firmly

:> :)believe that politics is poopadoodle.


:> :)But being of Holocaustal inclinations, I also love

:> :)a good fight. Bill Clinton has come, Bill Clinton will

:> :)go, la-tee-da. Some other willing android jackanapes

:> :)will replace him--to try to hold Ft. Apache until

:> :)XX day.


:> you need to try harder, then. there's nothing wrong

:> with attacking the Democrats or those who mindlessly

:> support 'em, but you MUST NOT DO SO in the way the

:> mindless Republican supporters would. there's *plenty*

:> of mindless Republicans around, why do their job for

:> them? or why do the Libertarians' job? it is the

:> solemn duty to attack *all* political systems as being

:> just one more cog in the Con's master plan.


:Dear Mr. Ur-Beatle,


:I find it interesting, yet melancholically ironic, that you are

:berating some chappie for advocating a political stance. For your

:entire diatribe consists of YET ANOTHER POLITICAL STANCE. At least,

:I fail to see how vehment "anti-politics" is INTRINSICALLY,

:ESSENTIALLY, AT THE CORE, any more interesting or less "political"

:than equally dreary vehment "politics", at least to the truly

:N-Lite'n'd[tm] Subgenius, such as myself, who naturally recognises

:that ALL possible responses to Conspiracy Programming are themselves

:determined by Conspiracy Programming, in the same way that all words

:are composed with the same set of letters.


:Of course, this could JUST be some kind of SUBTLE TOMFOOLERY which I,

:in my benighted and humourless state, fail to recognise.


:Nevertheless, in the future please stick to discussing the subliminal

:messages concealed in the cover art of Jethro Tull albums, as this is

:a topic I do have some deep concerns over.


:Yrs. faithfully,

:Bartholomew Spudnicks