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From the Inquirer (not the "E"nquirer) "Food Watch" article by Marc





Call it a creepy coincidence. Coveted by new markets in China and

voracious yuppies gobbling calamari in America, squid has soared past

salmon to become the leading commercial fish species in California. But

with no catch limits on squid, the San Jose Mercury News says experts are

worried about a repeat of California's worst overfishing disaster -- the

collapse of the sardines in the 40s in the waters off Monterey's Cannery



WOW how many times can you be wrong in a 1 and 1/2 inch collumn...


1. China is a net squid exporter.

2. Yuppies haven't gobbled anything since their tragic overfishing in the

late 1980s.

3. Squid consumption has increased, but not as rapidly as the overall

consumption of seafood.

4. Salmon is not the leading Commercial fish of California, it is the #1

eaten fish by total dollar value consumed, in california and everywhere

else. Tuna is the #1 fish in California by value of the catch and

mackerell/herring are number one by weight.

5. There are no catch limits on squid, but they are regulated and

monitored by the fisheries agencies responsible for regulating other fish

harvests. There are no limits because squid are extraordinarily abundant.

Squid reproduce prodigiously and are only worth fishing in densely

populated (squid poulation that is) area leaving the other 99.98% of the

ocean's surface for happy little squids to boink their brains out.

6. The failure of the sardine fishery was due to changes in the water

temperature around estuaries as a result of humans changing the volume of

water flowing into them from rivers diverted for agriculture. The girl

sardines don't ovulate unless the temperature is just so. Squids will

boink anywhere.


LIES LIES LIES! I am quite sure that MOST of what you read in the

newspaper is just about as accurate. Clearly a CON trick to try to cause

us to divert or divide our Prairie Squid preservation efforts.



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