Subject: LET'S START A WAR!!

Date: 08 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: "Rev. Magdalen" <>

Organization: SubGenius Foundation

Newsgroups: alt.slack


The events surrounding the return of Pluto to its place behind Neptune have

been keeping me busy the past few days, so I have not had time to comment on

this latest post by Bill Palmer in which he begs us to make peace with his

newsgroup and not flame him.


Of course we all know that alt.slack has never contemplated making war on

"his" pathetic newsgroup [which is actually quite amusing since the

overwhelming majority of posts are hilarious flames that point out every

flaw in Palmer's insane delusions]. However, alt.slack could BENEFIT from

an all-out war.


Look at us! Tearing each other to pieces, Iceknife at Nickie's throat,

Hipwell and that guy he fights... we should be fighting the REAL enemy : the

PINKNESS that is spreading everywhere. Granted, Palmer has absolutely no

importance to the Conspiracy and fighting him will bring us no closer to our

ultimate goals, but HE IS PINK!! And by fighting just ONE pink, we will all

hone the skills that will eventually bring us the supreme Slack of victory

over the Normals.


Do we want peace and understanding with the Pinks?? I don't think so. What

would we really like to do to the Pinks?? I think you know. And this

pathetic plea is more than any decent SubGenius should be asked to tolerate.

War is the only option.


Palmjob said:


>attack the SubGenius.

>the SubGenius fans and followers.


>I will allow no one to be fooled

> the writing and thought of the alt.genius--

> Dejanews archives will rush to my support.


>many other "regulars"--could be debated, too.


>I think it is utterly foolish

> especially repugnant to me

> very important score


>Courtesy note

>cowardly and vicious

>almost to the pooint of subhumanity


>no thinking person


>ugly, animalistic invertebrate assaults


>abandon the senseless, "The SubGenius

>someone has to be big enough


>more writing talent

>the "newsgroup war"