Subject: Re: the revenge of ["BOB"] Pet Peeve

Date: 21 Nov 1998 17:01:13 GMT

From: opalpeacok@aol.comUNSPAMME (OpalPeacok)

Organization: AOL

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>oh, fuck it, I will GIVE THAT SERMON NOW:


>humans are herd animals. part of their ability to survive comes

>from their herd instincts (officially referred to as "gregariousness",

>but we know what they're *really* talking about.)


>somewhere along the way, though, sentience and sapience evolved

>and became a part of "human" nature... only these features of

>the central nervous system are by nature INDIVIDUALISTIC and thus

>ANTAGONISTIC towards the herd instinct. and so "humans" began

>to split into two distinct groups: the uncreative herd, using

>just enough brainpower to stay alive, and the creative loner, the

>only truly human being.


>there were few of the creative loners; most humans sell out to

>their herd instincts. however, every cultural advance that

>improved the lot of the herd came from these few loners, who

>were slaughtered for their "black magic" moments before the herd

>adopted those same cultural improvements.


>the herd instincts survived, even though it became harder and

>harder to define to which herd any particular human belonged.

>herd instincts began to be expressed as a desire to be accepted

>by a herd -- any herd -- and a desire to conform. PINKNESS.

>the seeking of approval at any sacrifice, especially the sacrifice

>of one's own *uniqueness* and latent desire to express one's

>INDIVIDUALITY. the few freaks who reversed the formula and

>distanced themselves from the herd continued to be persecuted,

>even killed, while all along they were still the ONLY TRUE

>HUMANS, the ones that could truly be distinguished from other



>then, a funny thing happened: all those innovations eventually

>made herd instincts obsolete and even CONTRARY TO SURVIVAL.

>yet the herd continues to be strong, all while leading the

>"human" race towards its doom. THIS IS THE DOOM OF THE PINK,

>to seek the comforts of the herd even when those comforts will

>kill them. the truly human, the SUBGENIUS, suppresses the

>Pink taint to the minimum that is actually needed and pursues

>the creative and individualist instincts that are now the TRUE

>survival options.


>so, a Pink Boy is someone who seeks approval of some herd, not

>necessarily the dominant herd (what we call "mainstream society".)

>what is a Bobbie? obviously, a Pink Boy who seeks the approval

>of the "SubGenius" herd. someone who doesn't get the inherent

>*wrongness* of memorizing SubGenius catchphrases just to feel

>like a member of a group. someone who places greater value on

>feelings of togetherness (camaraderie) over real talent.


>what irks me about your "Bobbie" comment is not that it's wrong,

>but that you don't understand what it truly means. you think

>a long harangue condemning people for posting boring crap is

>actually a way of seeking approval. you completely MISSED the

>spirit of what I wrote, and instead jumped immediately into

>"who belongs in this group, and who doesn't". FUCK THAT, that's

>what a BOBBIE wonders. what *I* wonder is whether A POST belongs

>in alt.slack or not, because being SubGenius is about CREATIVITY,

>not fucking pack bonding!


>so, MISTER Eliot, prove to me you understand what alt.slack is

>all about by posting something that ENTERTAINS without crying

>out "please accept me! I have the word `reverend' in front of

>my name! that means I belong in alt.slack!" prove to me that

>stench I smell is not the PINK STENCH OF THE HERD. prove to me

>you didn't post that lame follow-up because your posts fall into

>one of those categories I criticized. PROVE TO ME YOU DON'T



>or fucking kill me already. I'm tired of this crap.