Subject: mppprfh

Date: 25 Oct 1998 00:00:00 GMT

From: -------------------------------- (reverse fried egg)

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Newsgroups: alt.foot.fat-free



nothing to say about much of anything. Pissed away the whole morning

staring at the wall, more or less. Gonna mosey back and get at least a

half-day's work done in a bit, but that's about it. Made it almost a

whole week without doing any damage to myself physically, unless you

count not sleeping a whole hell of a lot (until last night) and living

mostly off shit food, coffee, cigarettes and Diet Dr. Pepper.


Make the last delivery on Thursday, if all goes well. Gonna hand out

expired free drink coupons for "Tattletails" to the surly, chinless

mouth-breathing maintenance men at the mall (that have so cheerfully

attended to their contractual obligation to help us unload and place

these things, that is, when they weren't sneaking off or hiding in one

of the piss-scented access tunnels) in celebration.


Then all that's left is a couple kiosks, that we have to finish by



Yardbirds have biddies. Stupidasses. Weather has turned cold here.


Two hens that disappeared and were given up for dead have returned

with five and six each. They are likely surviving only because of my

willingness to pop the crazy neighbor lady's cats with BB's every time

I spot them sneaking around over here.


Tried the same thing with an earlier batch, though, and the cats got

them anyway. Ah well, It's still fun to watch them jump three feet

straight up, turn around in midair and book it back to the filthy digs

occupied by their fat lunatic owner and her miniature, lacquer

thinner-huffing husband (the cats I mean), whether or not the joyously

sadistic effort allows the birds to grow to adulthood.


Gonna go to Fatback Outhouse and get a crummy steak later, I think.

Meat sucks there, but at least they aren't so afraid of the shysters

that they refuse to serve it to you raw. I hate the way the waiters

kneel down at your table, though. Friggin' revolting.


Anyway. Gotta get to work. Aren't you glad you read this shit?