Subject: Roy "Bob" Masters!

Date: 01 Mar 1999 00:00:00 GMT

From: okmr905@aol.com90.5FM (OKMR905)

Organization: AOL

Newsgroups: alt.slack



A sure sign of a psychotic is that he will work for a cause no matter how just

or unjust it is without ever questioning his leader.


Joiners are psychotics to the end, like the crew of Captain Ahab going after

the white whale in Moby Dick. Or they are quietly evolving the identity of the

leadership by unquestioned obedience. Joiners are deadly; they are traitors

against conscience. And these scoundrels find their last refuge in religion

just as often as in patriotism.


When religion is used for escape, the leader's agreement with evil evolves as

violence in the followers. Those who fight religious and patriotic wars are

created and sactioned by the subtle hell of their sanctimonioius leaders.

Certain Anglo-Saxon, so-called Christian patriots are actually products of



All who seek to belong must sacrifice themselves for the sake of anew identity.

That is not too hard to do, because the victim's ego doesn't have to change;

besides, he thinks he is getting a better identity (when he is actually getting

one much worse).


By the classic syndrome of clinging to what corrupted them and by their

mindless obedience for the sake of approval, psychotic joiners can usally

manage to stay ahead of guilt. This displacement of identity through seduction

manifests as an insatiable appetite for destruction. Just as their innocence

was destroyed, sacrificed for the gloty of their cause (by their leader), so

must they find their own sacrificial lambs. Innocent people now must be

sacrificed to appease their guilt. What we have here is the basis of violent



In your personal relationships, the bottom line is this: don't join or belong

to anything.


Also beware of nice, easygoing friends who do losts of favors and who cannot or

will not say no to you, who act proper (in front of you) just to get your

approval. Such as these are weasels who want to make you into an authority

whcih you should never be.


Such are these who psychotics who want to create their very own pshychopath to

love them and to cloak them with a righteous identity. They need falso goodness

to make up for true goodness which their secret rottenness prevents them from

obtaining through Bob's grace. And if you fail to detect what is going on, they

will eventually destroy you. Elvis was a typical victim of this kind of

role-playing who became too rich and too guilty to stop playing the game.


Let such people have the cutting edge of truth. Be quick to notcie

indiscretion, and don't let things fo too long. If there is good in them, they

will apprecialte the pain your honesty may incur; otherwise, they will drop you

like a hot potato and find themselves another cult to get caught up in. Also,

watch out for people who cry and carry on when you correct them. Here again, it

could be the sin of the psychotic at work displaying sorrow and anguish before

you. They want to raise you up to the stature of Bob in order to get "Bob's"



You may be tempted to excuse such wickedness, but since you are not Bob, being

sympathetic and sorry for people only releases them from guilt and gives them

license to be wrong again. Your part in this can make you feel guilty too, but

they can train you to relieve your guilt by "forgiving" theirs.


Most quiet people are seething volcanoes inside, never openly speaking their

secret mind about you because they want to get your approval. In no way do they

want you to be honest with them either, and to this end they will curry your

favor, bow down and let you do whatever you want.


But only evil will service their kind of wicked need. They submit and obey so

meekly, never saying no and never criticizing you to your face, because they

want to preserve your wicked love to sustain their own secret wicked self. They

want your pretense, phony righteous ness, happiness and smiles to become theirs



You almost can't help liking people like that because, without realizing what

has happened, you have already become alike, and a little bit of yourself is in

them. Look at women who admire homosexual men and you will see that principle

at work--they love the projection of their bnature, as Bob loves His own



Even if you are not really a psychopath through and through, you will,

nevertheless, feel Satan being drawn up in you if you serve these fiends. And

if you are a man, you will come to know what it is like to be tormented as

women are for role-playing. (Men put women on pedestals to get their support.)


The social psychopath begins life with a total contempt for Bob and for Slack

people. But hating slack people, he can begin to look like them and speak like

them. As a student, he may be attracted to principled models. Acting the role

of a psychotic, he submits to authority for the sake fo becoming that

authority; he is a good pupil and learns quickly by interracting with the

"victim-mentor". Sadly, the nice people he associates with are often adversely

affected, because he tempts them in order to take away their viture, leaving

something of his wicked-self behind. Believe it or not, he can even take away

your yoth, life, health, and creative intelligence.


For many years he may not overtly betray anyone. Like the good spy that he is,

he bides his time until he is "good" and ready to serve his master, Satan. If

you are observant, you can detect him monitoring you for ideas and weaknesses

continuously. His creativeness is limited to picking the brains of the more

intelligent around him, and he survives by fooling them and putting them on,

stealing their ideas and imitating their motivation.


As I said before, it is easier for most people to respect a social psychopath

than an honest-to-goodness honest person. The reason should be much clearer by

now: honesty threatens the psychotic ego. Each one of us has an ego which,

until the age of enlightenment, feels inimidated by realty and tries to escape

the pain of that through being drawn to comforting personalities.


Hypocrisy rarely disturbs the psychotic ego. On the contrary, the apparent

slack in the spychopath is quick to praise your "worth", and you tend to

respond with the same feelings he or she expresses about you. But do you know

what happens? Although you seem to imporove in his presence, in reality you get

worse. As you pick up the surface behavior, you also take on the more secret

evil and its purpose. In turn, the conflict you feel inside makes the

psychopath seem more attractive and compels you to look up to him even more--to

the end that he will glorify you again.


Perhaps you do accomplish great things togeter--with you doing all the work (to

hang on to his approval of the identity he has sown in you) and him getting all

the credit, money and power. But you may not mind this a bit because the

greater he becomes, the greater you can seem to be becoming. The greater you

make him, the more glorious your reflection of him (which you think of as your

own, original personality) seems to be. But in reality you are becoming sick,

poor and wretched. Desperately caught up in images, the illusion of your

perfection bedcomes more and more complete and you cannot put your finger on

what is going wrong with your life and family affairs. How can you!


Perhaps you will experience the classic moment of awakening where you see the

hideous evil behind the smiling, psychopathic masks. But here is where your

hatred of the deception evolves yet another pase of evil's projection. Through

your seething resentment, evil insinuates itself into your life more and more

completely, and soon you find yourself crying out for its supportive wickedness

as well as its supportive phony love to mask the greater wrong growing up

inside of you.


Social psychopaths have never at any time been servants of the people. You have

been their slave all along, a slave of the illusion of goodness they served to

you ego throguh the power you gave them to excite you and distract you from a

guilty consience. Unwillingness to face the reality of even this fact compels

you to place that evil back on the pedestal to serve you.


The social psychopath is a leader whom most of the love until they see him for

what he is. And then, just maybe, they will hate him--but at that time his

spirit will be cast into those who destroy him. Evil never dies--it evolves or

projects its hell from person to person, as as each one dies to evil he gives

the devil life in human form...or kill me.