Subject: Re: Ayn Rand and Objectivism

Date: 06 Jan 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (John Blackmer)

Organization: Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Newsgroups: alt.slack, alt.philosophy.objectivism

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Lou Duchez ( wrote:

: with a shred of evidence either way about God's existence. All claims to

: refute God based on the internal workings of the universe, fall apart

: because God (if he exists) transcends the universe. Any such arguments

: could be extended to: carpenters craft wood, therefore they are crafted

: of wood themselves.


: Simple, yes?


Finally, something comes out of Ayn Rand that makes SENSE! Wood is

created by God, therefore Jesus was a carpenter! If I were a carpenter

I'd smack Ayn Rand with a two-by-four and make her eat her car keys. She

does do a good hootchie dance, and she does know the difference between a

flashlight and a flashing light, but I think you folks are asking a

little much, eh? I mean seriously. Ayn Rand did not create God, God did

not create Ayn Rand. They are both made out of wood. It's that simple.



-Ahsts "Show me a discourse debating the existence of god

using tools created by man, and then I'll show you a hole in the

ground, and let God sort 'em out." Al'Rashid QPM