Subject: Re: Severed Foot Thread

Date: 21 Feb 1998 00:00:00 GMT

From: NENSLO <n@n.slo>

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RevLurch wrote:

> Anyway, I've heard

> that the pain is so extreme that some people that have stepped on them

> have tried to chop off the affected foot with diver's knives and

> stuff. The book I had didn't say whether any were successful in these

> efforts, so I dunno if this qualifies as a severed foot story, either.



Even less of a severed foot story but more of a fish spine story is the

one shared with me by one of my Secret Masters. I read it myself in a

real book about weird fish. There's a kind of fish living in certain

African rivers which has an interesting tropism: it has learned to swim

rapidly up a warm flow of water and into the dark hole from which the

flow flows. Meaning usually something urethral. This is a small fish,

only a few inches laong, and very narrow - but it does have spines

which, as you can imagine, prevent its extraction. It has to be cut

out. So this one guy was standing waist-deep in the Great Grey-Green

Greasy, doing his business, when Mr. Fish goes up the flue. Well it

blocks the thing right up so no more peeing from then on until he gets

it cut out a few days later. Goes back home and goes to the river to

take a leak, confident that such a thing could never happen again.

Wrong. Yeah, it's an anecdote, and of no scientific value, but it makes

you wonder how the poor guy felt the second time.