Subject: Re: Polywhatsit Mutant Matrimony

Date: 01 Aug 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: Sister Rosebrit

Organization: Zippo

Newsgroups: alt.slack

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In article <4to7bf$>, says...


>Sophia Anifantakis (angela@Exis.Net) wrote:

>: : On 07-29-96, wrote:

>: :

>: : 1n> : WAIT A MINIT. Right after the game is over. Go get me another

>: : > beer. : LOOK, Clint eastwood is just about to punt the commie over

>: : > the goal line : and all the players are lined up holding

>: : > refrigerators over their heads. : THIS IS THE PLAY OFFS. Leave me

>: : > alone. Look in the barn for the turnips. : Last I saw they chased the

>: : > dog in there.

>: :

>: : 1n> Isn't THAT always the way?!? I slave over a hot human barbeque and

>: : > all you can do is WHOOP at a buncha neanderthal appliance slinging!

>: : > Why don't you and the boys do something productive and go on out back

>: : > and play catch with all them old dishwashers instead! Get some fresh

>: : > air and exercise for a change! And another thing - don't tell ME to

>: : > look in the barn. You KNOW I can't fit in there anymore. Or hadn't

>: : > you NOTICED?!?


>: Well gosh darn Meg, I TOLD you Missy's litter was to play with not to

>: eat. You ate her last litter too. Them calories add up. When Jack and

>: Dennis get back with the dolls tell 'em not to take their heads off

>: anymore. I tripped on one as I was leaving this morning, and put another

>: hole in the back door. And tell Lou, he needs to control his temper. We

>: can't ALWAYS look gorgeous for him. Smashing his head through the door is

>: NOT going to solve anything..and besides that them stains take too long

>: to come out of the rug.


>"Can't ALWAYS look gorgeous"? Goddammit, I wish you'd spend a lot LESS

>time primping in front of the mirror, you and Tarla and those Doublemint

>Twin wannabes (Iceknife and Nenslo). Not only can't I always make it

>outside fast enough when Joe Newman's "surprise breakfast treats" finally

>hit home (what the hell do you think got me running that fast into

>the door, to say nothing of the stains?), but when Rosebrit is chasing

>the squids around with a fork, I can't get to her medicine in time.


>And don't you DARE mention that thing you found in my dresser! I've

>still got blisters on my hands from working the bulldozer, WHICH YOU NEVER

>THANKED ME FOR, incidentally. You've got a lot of damn gall talking

>about me.


Well if someone hadn't left the door open, LOU, I wouldn't have had to go

a chasin' them squids. If you could get a BETTER job you could get me a

BETTER f-ing fork! And medicine! I NEED that medicine for all the babies

you keep making me have, they're horns rip me apart! Nobody's buying

'em anymore anyway. Why can't we just steal dalmations for coats, or make

crack like everyone else. And when *are* we going to get a bigger house?

If Tarla grows ONE MORE clitoris the whole roof is going to come off!