Subject: Re: Yes, but is it Furry art?

Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 14:04:50 +1100

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I've been to Thailand and seen those very same elephants do their act. This

was before they had them painting. All these stupid tourists where laughing

and cheering, as these very sad and worn looking elephants danced to music.

Well, at least they danced after they where beaten around a bit by their

owners (i'm not too sure about using the word "trainer"). And now they're

getting them to paint. Well, if the proceeds from these goes back into

helping elephants (which i doubt will happen, not in Thailand) than it can't

be too bad. But if this elephant art becomes popular, then there will be

more demand for it meaning that more elephants will have to be enslaved this

way. And the trend will expand to other animals. Walking down the streets of

Phuket, i came across a guy with a baby elephant on leash, standing on a

street corner with his hat layed out on the ground. Damn cutest little

creature i ever did see. I was wearing thongs (or whatever it is that you

yanks call em) and the little elephant came and nabbed at my toes with his

trunk and totally won my heart over. At first it seemed normal for this

creature to be acting so playfully toward me, being a baby and all. But as a

started to walk away he/she tried to follow, struggling againts the chain

around it's neck, as if trying to escape from it's owner to come with me,

the person who had been nice to it, liked it's estranged mother had been.

Once that elephant's baby cuteness wears off, the owner will need some other

way to make money out of it. Those elephants that they now have painting

probably started off the same way when they where babies, looking cute on

street corners for tourists. You can't blame the Thai people really though.

Driving around Bangkok you go through myriads of slums, with diseased people

nagging you for you're change, then all of sudden you'll come out at the

most grand building you've ever seen, such as the King's palace, with all

manner of gold encrusted objects surrounding it, interwoven with fully armed

military guards. At the time i was there the Thai people where in

preperation for the King's birthday. it was his fiftiest or something so it

was a big one, and all the main roads where being decorated with huge

archways decorated in gold, reaching right across the cardboard-box home of

beggars. And yet those same beggars held those arch-ways and decorations

with utmost reverence for their king, as if they're even priveledged to sit

beneath it. Thoughout that trip to Thailand i saw many interesting and

strange things, but took it all in my stride, not pondering over any

significance until several years later. I don't have some big moral

conclusion for this story, but i think it kinda speaks for itself.


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