Subject: More Poetical Inspiration

Date: 22 May 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Peter Hipwell)

Organization: HCRC/Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh

Newsgroups: alt.slack



This here is the old IBM company anthem, found in the book "THINK" by

William Rogers. Just to show that religions don't have a monoploy on

inspirational works. If this doesn't get you AGLOWIN' with fervent

capitalist spirochaetes, you MIGHT WELL be a FUCKUP.



Ever Onward



There's a thrill in store for all

For we're about to toast

The corporation in every land.

We're here to cheer each pioneer

And also proudly boast

Of that "man of men," our friend and guiding hand.

The name of T.J. Watson means a courage none can stem:

And we feel honoured to be here to toast the "IBM".


(First chorus)


That's the spirit that has brought us fame!

We're big, but bigger we will be,

We can't fail for all can see

That to serve humanity has been our aim!

Our products now are known in every zone.

Our reputation sparkles like a gem!

We've fought our way through - and new

Fields we're sure to conquer too



(Second chorus)


We're bound for the top never to fall!

Right here and now we thankfully

Pledge sincerest loyalty

To the corporation that's best for all!

Our leaders we revere, and while we're here

Let's show the world just what we think of them!

So let us sing, men! SING, MEN!

Once or twice then sing again




Heck, I enjoyed that so much that I think I'll carry on with the old


IBM School Song



Working with the men in the Lab.,

Backing up the men in the field,

Behind each one in the factory,

To a peer we'll never yield.



In every phase of IBM

Our record stands for all to see

The Alma Mater of the men

Who serve the world's best company.

To everyone who's enter'd here,

A memory will long remain -

We build, we work together

To a world acclaim!


Customer and Field Engineer

Men who build and those who sell,

Inspired by pioneers,

We will ever serve you well!


With our sights on bigger records

With the training we receive,

With service as our watchword

Success we will acheive.


With Mr. Watson leading,

To greater heights we'll rise

And keep our IBM

Respected in all eyes.


Trained to make the finest tools

With the best machines in the world

Our apprentices are exceeding

Every challenge that is hurled!




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