Date: 01 Jan 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Mr Lurch)

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>Matthew Carey ( wrote:




>@ Addictive my ass.


>>Your ass is addictive? Mail me some of it and I'll let you know. BTW,

>>should I smoke it, or does one shoot up?


Hope you don't go around shooting up ass (at least not male), unless you use a rifle and not your gun. Also, maybe it's just the crack that is or is not addictive (as opposed to the rest of the ass), or maybe it's only addictive if smoked. But that wouldn't make much sense, since it would be more likely to smoke after it gets shot up, or something gets shot up it (and least that's what little Richard says, but I'm not sure we should listen to him, he also claims everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz). Besides, I think they are better fried.


In any case, let me know if you manage to "feed your head" with ass, If you

get off on it, let me know and I will send my inbred farm hands

down to Corpula's Country Buffet with harpoons, machetes and blubber hooks

and instructions to not return until they have collected a truckload

of sofa-seat cushion sized gluteus maximums. There are incredible and

virtually untapped rump reserves in this county, and I could quickly establish

my own rear-end rendering and distribution cartel. I've always wanted to get

rich doing something illegal, make America's Ten Most Mean and Ugly list,

then wallpaper my outhouse with my own wanted posters. "Lurch the Evil

Keester-King, AssAssin of our Youth" and all that. That'd be cool. But

seriously, butts kill. Don't do them. You might get a designer disease.

You probably wouldn't catch anything smoking them, but theres no telling what

will happen if you run around shooting them up (or vice versa).You do

get sick from smoking though, just look at what's happened to me.


What the hell was this post about anyway? Gotta go. Dinner time. I can

hear the cans of tuna singing.