Subject: What I'm about to do

Date: 13 Apr 1996 00:00:00 GMT

From: (Kid Ginsu)

Organization:New York University

Newsgroups: alt.slack



Believe it or not, bretheren, I'm about to make a DAMN FOOL of

myself. I sure hope you like it!


Because I'm about to sodomize John Blackmer. I'm about ready to

seduce Lou Duchez, and I'm already heart set on sanitizing Dennis

Mclain-furmanski. I'm set to anurize Stang, slimplify Sterno, strengthen

G. Gordon Gordon, and harmonize Joe Newman. I'm gonna fondle Pope

Charles, slander Saint Andrew, pederast Modemac, act like a fairy towards

Rev. Carey and french Sheldon Der Wehr.


All because I hate and therefore want a hate-on. To hate all of

you morons requires the thought of going to bed with each and every one

of you. Because I sincerely despise the thought of sleeping with men I

imagine great orgies with all of you, even Grantland, and I imagine

Pastor Craig, too. The very thought repulses me down to my very core,

making me sick within an inch of my life. If I could draw my last breath

and use it to utter curses at each and every one of you I would. I'm

about to catch a dragonfly and use it in Voudoun-style, casting curses

left and right so that I never, in my wildest fantasies of fuck, ever

have to touch so much as a hair on any one of you. No matter how much it

hurts for me to NOT hate the thought of going to bed with even one of

you, the anguish and torment of such an individualized and PERSONAL hate

cannot begin to approach the utter desparation of not being able to rid

myself of the thought of going to bed with all of you. Such a

disgustingly slimy, reprehensible, morally perverse, sex-deprived,

non-regulative, hemmoroidal, anal retentive, lack of foresight,

foreskin-less, lice-bestrewn, bedsore-ridden, no condom wearing, bigger

than life, terrifying, fear-provoking, awe-inspiring,

imitation-inspiring, abandonment of decency can only arouse within me

however the feeling of repugnancy, revulsion, disgust, reprehension,

horror and terror, wooziness, queasyness, upset, disease, trauma,

loathing and fear, sorrow, tension, unliveliness, sloth, dirtiness and

filthiness, uncleanness, wallow, ooze, sliminess, grunginess, skeeze,

fuck, shit and piss.


I am about to ensure success for Rev. Nickie, I am about to

provide Tarla with an excuse, I am about to engage Pee Kitty, I am about

to get something from the fridge for MegEliz. Because the only reason I

continue paying any attention to this newsgroup is because of the

stimulating conversation I have been having with these fine women. The

only thing that keeps me going when the chips are down is the thought

that these women are on my side. The only thing that wakes me up in the

morning is the thought that these all-american, improvisational,

brilliant, creative, witty, demure, sly, quick with a joke, proud,

shameless, buxom, spirited, elusive, mysterious, profound, intelligent,

wise, simple, elaborate, disguised, up-front, helpful, excitable,

interesting, intense, escapist, effervescent, precise, wonderful,

kind, gentile, immediate, considerate, believable, for-real, funny, bold,

happy, caring, compassionate, strange, weird, mixed-up, crazy,

out-of-control, fabulous, aware, hateful, tireless, emotional, warm,

friendly women continue to lavish praises on me even after I'm gone.

What can I do? Wherever my talents lie, that's what I am about to do.

And for the rest of you, I simply want to make clear that the hate that I

feel towards you knows no bounds. The hate I feel towards the thought of

going to bed with any of the reprehensible, ugly, forgotten, lame,

impotent, arrogant, hateful, despicable, unfriendly, weak, simple, blind,

stupid, ignorant, despicable, low, demeaned, base, powerless, egocentric,

self-absorbed, self-important, self-righteous, selfish, cruel, infamous,

sick, despised, inhumane, twisted, mean, perverse, unbelievable,

unfriendly, uncompassionate, self-centered, weak-kneed, yellow, bogus,

shallow, superficial, plastic, inconsiderate, buffonish, boorish, shallow

shallow or shallow men on this newsgroup makes me want to puke. If I'm

ever going to be myself I want you to know that. And that hate of

course expands exponentially, moving from a hate of your filthy

individual bodies to an over-arching hate of all of you collectively, but

spreading further than that to become a hate of all of the things that

you stand for and the activities you spend your times on, causing me to

hate what little moral fiber you have and everything it is composed of.

Since I just don't have enough energy to hate anything less than your

very existence here on this planet, I have to say that your life itself

causes me to understand what it means to say that I hate anything at all,

and so therefore you have put before my eyes the naked concept of Hate,

the Eternal, All-Consuming Hate, "Hate^2", HATE ITSELF.


Since I won't be long here on alt.slackless anymore, I want you

to know that this won't be my last post, but I might have to leave for a

while. I'm sure "out of sight, out of mind" will prevail here like it

always does, but if you want to see how much better I've gotten at hating

every last one of you since this time, you can catch me at the X-Day

Drill. See SubSite for more details.


Keep It Up,

Kid Ginsu