Subject: See you guys later (I hope)

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 05:10:53 -0700

From: "ICEKNIFE" <>

Organization: The "THEM"

Newsgroups: alt.slack



Got ratfucked at the last minute, so I have

no where to go. Unless I perform a miracle

between now and 4:PM, my stuff goes into

storage, and I'm homeless. If anyone in the

Bay Area has a space I can rent for $400 a

month or less, please e-mail me. I'll check my

e-mail before I unplug everything.


Take care, people, and if I'm lucky, one of

my friends will let me set up my machine at

his house, where I'll be on the couch 2 days a

week. Either that or I'll score office space,

which'll give me somewhere to work. I have no

choice, I don't even own a sleeping bag, so

being homeless is NOT an option. Graduation

is weeks away, so if I can make it thru May I'll

be alright (the students leave and create extra

housing). The weirdest part is, I actually have the

money to move, just don't have anywhere to go!


Jeeeez, now I gotta trust one of the brethren

with all my frappy... can't be carryin that shit around



Don't get too excited, I may be back. You never

know; the ways of the Luck Plane are mysterious,

and I've been in worse situations.


Besides, Atman knows a guy in the city who

most likely has space. So I'll live in SF. for the

summer. It's much nearer the venues I'm booking,

so that could work out alright. The next 12 hours

are the crucial ones. I'm too busy to be scared yet,

but I suppose when I'm shivering under an overpass

in the dead of night it'll set in.


OK, FUCK that, time to get creative (or go live

in a tiny $200 a month office).


someone send me a laptop with a remote modem.




anyway, if any of my numerous health problems

or street scum get me and I snuff it, it was nice

knowing most of ya!


Be well, and partake deeply of the SLACK thereof!