OMNI magazine, the weird mag that goes for the mainstream audiences and

pitches a blend of hard science, pseudo-science, and science fiction, has

a Web site that tries to make people aware of the recruitment tactics of

various cults. The site includes links to useful points on the Web,

including the ex-cult archive, and it can be found at:

Here is a sample from the first page:


Beating the Mind Control Game




Most of us consider ourselves savvy enough to resist the draw of

dangerous cults. When it comes to influence from the likes of David

Koresh and the Branch Davidians; the late Jim Jones and his infamous

Peoples Temple; or Shoko Asahara's notorious Aum Shinri Kyo (Supreme

Truth) sect, responsible for the recent poison gas attacks in the

Tokyo subway system, we like to tell ourselves, we are immune. In

fact, we're amazed that anyone might fall prey to such anti-heroes

--obvious wolves parading as gurus, who clearly exploit the lambs who

come their way.


If you consider yourself the kind of person who would never fall

victim to such exploitation, the following brief exercise may help you

to recognize and nurture the personal qualities behind your

independence. By getting in touch with these essential aspects of your

own personality, you can better understand what it is that often

drives other people into destructive relationships with cult leaders

--or manipulative authoritarian figures from just about any walk of

life. These unique personal insights, moreover, can help you to guide

other, less psychologicalyl independent or savvy souls. In so doing,

you may help to strike a blow against insidious influences threatening

society at its core.


To experience the full impact of the brief exercise that follows, it

is essential that you answer each of the questions you'll be asked in

sequence, without going back once you have made a decision. There will

be plenty of time later on, once you have completed the exercise, for

you to explore all the other possibilities that would have been open

to you if you had provided different answers. Remember, what follows

is only an exercise, but it is absolutely imperative that you be

completely honest in answering all the questions.


If you have any doubt about your ability to comfortably handle this

exploratory journey into your innermost decision-making processes, or

have a history of serious psychological problems, we recommend

checking with your doctor or therapist before you begin the


[What I like about OMNI is the fact that it's published by Penthouse -

and the Penthouse web site even includes a prominent link to it.]


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