OK, one last attempt at thinking for the night, then I'm out of here,

I promise.


The Subgenius Church comes down fairly hard on the concept of "work",

and in the sense it speaks of, I agree. Wage slavery, performance of

mindless drudgery for a meaningless reward, all that crap is certainly

not appealing to most Subgenii, and indeed not particularly appropriate.

Perhaps it has some place to the normals, but I can't speak for the normals,

I have enough damn trouble speaking for myself right now. Anyway, I

have a different conception of the word "work". "Work" to me is anything

that requires substantial effort to accomplish. Note by this definition

most CAREERS aren't really work; for me, SCHOOL isn't really work, and never

has been; the real work comes elsewhere, and is much more rewarding in

any case. For me, it's much more difficult for me to walk up to a girl

and say, "You know, you really have a gorgeous septum" than to do most of

the crap people nowadays call "work". And I *would* wind up saying

something like that; everything I say can be easily interpreted as humour.

It's got many advantages. If people aren't ready for what I'm saying,

they can always pass it off as a "joke" rather than foisting their

shit onto me, and if someone responds with "That's not funny" (to a

Subgenius, this is the ULTIMATE INSULT), I can always say, "No shit,

it wasn't SUPPOSED TO BE...". Also, it is easier to get people to listen

to what you say if you adopt an IRONIC TONE about it. Marlon Brando

got accused of being pedantic, arduous, and having a one-track mind

whenever he would talk about the American Indian instead of sharing in

the usual hollywood gossip bullshit. That kind of approach doesn't

hardly ever get you laid, and tends to get a lot of people RESENTFUL of

you; since this isn't a Subgenius World Order yet, watching one's enemies

is important. The critic chumps can still accuse you of being "downbeat",

"obsessive", "unhip", all that crap, but that's kind of moot, because

it's not LESTER BANGS' approval that's important.


So, anyway, I wouldn't exactly call the DIFFICULT stuff I do "fun", or

party time, or anything; "work" is pretty much the best word for it, with

my own idiosyncratic inflection.