I was out waiting for the bus today, when I saw a car pass by with a

authentic-looking license plate saying "JESUS" on the front. Now, Kenfucky

doesn't require cars to have license plates on the front, and on the back

they had the usual mishmash of random letters and numbers, probably because

the DMV doesn't allow offensive words like "wop", "spic", and "Jesus" on

license plates, so on the front you can put clever letter sayings like

"I AM 4 UK" on the front license plate holder. Well, this one had "Jesus"

on the front, and I couldn't help but remember that Doctor Who fanfic

where the TARDIS changed into a car and the license plate said "TARDIS",

and then I realized..




I'll leave it to the more theologically enlightened among you to discuss

what this means, though I bet it doesn't mean I'll get laid, but I just

thought you all should know about this.


Waiting for the Family Channel to start carrying "My Savior The Car",