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THE CONSPIRACY has been making a really big mistake all these years that

they call the WAR ON DRUGS. Any SubGenius knows that drugs only make us

stupid, which means that the more we consume, the more our intelligence

level drops from WAY, WAY above that of a Pink to just exceedingly more

intelligent than a Normal Pink intelligence level

If the CONSPIRACY were as smart as they THINK they are, they would

legalize all drugs, let us take as many as we can possibly get our hands

on, and that way they can create the illusion that they have some kind of

invisible control over us whilst we claim our SLACK as consumers of those

mind altering substances.

OR I could just keep getting them illegally and achieve SLACK while they

scramble for some kind of invisible form of supernatural control over a

situation that they have not had any REAL control over at any point in


I am not saying that I enjoy getting fucked up, I just like to see the

world through as close a level of stupidity as the Pinks next door, and

that's the only way I can do it.It'sa scary life, looking at the world

through Pink colored glasses.I think I'll take a few more drugs, so I

won't have to worry about it anymore.



yours falsely,

irReverend CHUCK KEY