Well, I was cleaning up the library last week, when I found somebody left

a business card out on the table. The front of it said, "God Loves You"

in cursive with a little red heart on the upper right-hand corner. On

the other side was a message written (printed actually) in a woman's hand:


The Holy Spirit says:

harming someone with

electronic equipment is

the opposite of God.

God bless You!


"Spirit", "opposite", and "You" were underlined.

Now I'm wondering, what the hell does this mean? Should I stop using

those electric caddle prods on people? Did the Will of Jehovah possess

this woman and admonish me for the Alan Keyes posts? Should I not listen

to my walkman so loud? What?


This does remind me of a story I saw in Time Magazine today, though.

I don't recommend paying for any of this type of stuff, but if you want

to know what NORMAL EVERYDAY PEOPLE think, or what the media WANTS normal

everyday people to think, or whatever, I recommend reading something of

this sort. Anyway, the article that stuck in my mind was about how

in Australia, where euthanasia is legal, the process is controlled

by computer. The user goes through three screens, with huge

boilerplate warnings even more adamant than those you'd get if you

typed "format c:". If the user presses "y" on all three screens,

the computer starts up the lethal injection process. Maybe I'm a

hardcore geek, but reading this the only thing I could think of was

Nethack's "Die? [y|n]" screen.


This probably should be crossposted somewhere else, but I'm too lazy

to actively seek out attention tonight. I'll just say what I feel

like saying, and if anyone wants to listen in, well, they know where

to find me.