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>John Morten Malerbakken <> wrote:



>>Those of us who post regularly to this group are not

>>without humour,


You've yet to prove it.


> nor are we in favour of shutting people out, but we do

>>have a sense of respect for eachotherīs meanings and usually wait before

>>we start charaterising the opinions of others.


over here in alt.slack, we jump to judgement, condemn you to death,

and eat your steaming carcass before you can sing the first line of

"Respect" in your best blood-choked Aretha Franklin impersonation. Of

course we'll respect you the entire time. You just won't be able to



>Look, if you can't take a joke, just say so. It's ok. We'll

>understand. Really. It's just about the saddest thing that can

>happen to a person, but happen it does, and I'm sure no reasonable

>person wouldn't feel for you.


>> At times the discussions

>>are flaring up (ref. Disney passes, religion, genetics), but they are

>>normally kept on a level of respect for otherīs opinions.


Is that when you say "I beg to differ" rather than "You're full of

shit?" I hardly see much difference except that one's a bit more

hypocritical than the other.


>>ask you to clarify from which angle you would want us to read your

>>postings and if you have some idea on what you intend to contribute with

>>by posting to


Read them from a 67degree angle. He intended to contribute hundreds of

thousands of dollars to posters, but you've got

such a bug up your ass that he decided to give it away to instead. You fucked up, Bubba. I hope you can

explain this to the group.



I'd be irked

if I were them


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