From: Dr. Hieronymous Zinn

Attn: Rev. Stang and other SubGenius theologians:


Could you refresh us with the answer to the hypothetical question:

Assuming that a cemetary holds more SubGenii than it does of

members of the minority religion, what is the ritual used to

"de-consecrate" it, before resanctifying it in the name of "Bob"?


And having done so, where will the souls of those interred individuals

who were not SubGenii go? I assume that they will face an eternity

in everlasting torment, but could you specify where that torment will

take place?


A congregant passed away a short time ago, and does not want

to be buried in some other religions consecrated ground, so he asked

the local SG Rev to "clean" the cemetary for him. We await your answers.