Recently, a cult attorney and former Usenet Kook of the Month send someone

a "kobringram" for reposting a message, including his reply, in standard

Usenet fashion. Or at least, someone sent email alleging to be from an

attorney for the international criminal conspiracy disguised as a

tax-exempt "church" <spit> and claiming that the message found freely on

Usenet news servers around the globe was, when responded to in the manner

I am responding to this one, criminal usurpation of cosmic psychic powers.

Or maybe she said it was trade secret infringement and copyright

violation. Well, the first allegation would seem to involve an attempt to

bully someone in a thuglike manner under cover of law, and the second

claim is certainly open to interpretation, but if the cult really does

have any copyrights that are valid, they haven't produced them in court

lately, and much as I respect the honorable and heroic Martin Hunt, there

is a possibility this material, reproduced below to provide context and

reference for what I hope is fair use commentary, is not an authentic

teaching of the $cuminazis at all and that the cult that murdered Lisa

McPherson and declared war on the Internet (a lot like Cyberpromo in that

regard, or even Earthlink, the cult-founded ISP that is the source of more

spam than any other company except, maybe Cyberpromo).


But it certainly LOOKS like the real thing. Read it and weep, people. This

so-called "scientific" so-called "religion" is really about exorcising the

thousands of spirit fleas that possess your body and think your thoughts

for you. Only El Wrong, the dead sci-fi writer who died raving insanely

about BTs (the spirit fleas, don'tcha know) and packed full of psych drugs

he'd fought against for years, in all of history, ever noticed that it is

BTs who run the world because no one in all of history had ever discovered

this universal pestilence. 'Course he also said, "There is no Christ" and

"There are no fat cells" and "Radiation is water-soluble" and a lot of

other stupid stuff.


Anyway, I'm spreading the word around just a little in case this crap

might be by itself sufficient warning that a third of a million U.S. bucks

is really too much to pay to find out the truth about Xemu the space alien

and how we're all descended from the Piltdown Man and, before that, from

clam "spoors." Right. Sure, ElWrong. Calm down. It'll be alllll right.

(Quick, Henry, the Flit!)


And although the whole thing is written in that perversion of language the

Hubborg use to make sure no one understands what they are talking about

until they've been sufficiently mindwashed to believe anything at all

(after you've spent a few hours ordering an ashtray around I guess you'll

do most anything. For example: Be three feet behind your head! Pretty

snappy spiritual command, huh? You're also supposed to get really

enlightened by answering such questions as "Have you ever been a bad

mother?" and "Have you ever destroyed a planet?" I don't know about you,

but just hearing questions like brightens My day, even before I find out

some poor sap has been taken to the tune of a couple hundred thou to fret

over the answers until he can say: I mock up my reactive mind.


Come on, say it with me. You can do this. "I mock up my reactive mind."

Easy, huh? See, now you can attest to Clear and it didn't even cost you a

penny. Which is a good thing, too, since by the time they finished with

you, it would be your Last penny and then they'd threaten to sue you for

what you "owe." And they'd use the money to sue the Washington Post again,

like the did two years ago, or Compuserve, which they sued a little

earlier, or maybe just to send out 'ho-grams that claim to be from a real

lawyer who is too stupid to know that email has not yet been able to count

as "service" and who seems willing to make deliberately false claims

like-- this is a trade secret.


Pull the other one, lady, it's got bells on. If I can find this posting on

Usenet and write a reply, so can most anyone else. What kind of trade

secret is that? And wouldn't it constitute some kind of law violation to

claim that it did? Wouldn't that mean unclean hands, abuse of due process,

a fraud upon the court, falsely threatening to sue, some kind or other of

unethical chicanery of the kind these hateful thugs have become famous

for? Hell, if this IS the real thing, and it might as well be 'cause it

looks like all the rest of this looney pap, and if the bogus-looking

emailer really IS a cult mouthpiece and they really DO have a copyright on

this junk and this reposting, with commentary, of an article freely

available around the world on alt.religion.scientology (which tracks these

criminals the way the Southern Poverty Law Fund tracks the Klan-- an

equally racist, homophobic, anti-intellectual, soul-destroying Klump of

bigots [or is the right term a Klan of Bigots? Hmm... Open up a Klan of

worms, maybe... Seems like a natural, doesn't it?]) is not at least a

prima-facie fair-use, then all that remains is for them to provide good

faith, legal notice that I've made a mistake and, taking notice of all the

clains in courts here and there that there are, to say the least, Problems

with their copyright claims so that they cannot be taken at face value any

more, do something besides look at me with their teeth in their mouth and

bluster. You got a copyright, pony up, and I'll send out a cancel notice

pronto. Hey, that would let us know this was the real McCoy, wouldn't it?

Then I guess y'all really Could laugh at what a bunch of horse residue

this stuff is. Raw material for a fertilizer bomb, so to speak. The

$cienoculties are just full of that kind of stuff.


Anway, this crapola is worth a mint to the Hubborg, so they say, but even

if you know that it's about Body Thetans (BTs) becoming a Potential

Trouble Source (PTS) because of all the terrible ways they can possess

people, it's still seems more like an examble of mental perversion and

someone who had far too much time on his hands, even when he wasn't drunk

off his ass or experimenting with recreational drugs like his idol and

"good friend" Aleister Crowley, who called him an idiot, but never mind.


Let's see-- what else should you know about this literary fantasy? That

the way you exorcise the spirt fleas is by a process of "religious

counselling" (snort) known as "auditing." That makes sense. They're

"auditing" your finances to see if you have anything left (anything you

have "suppressed"-- suppression is bad, you see). Once all these BTs are

gone, you get to be an Operating Thetan, or spirit, unattached to Matter,

Energy, Space, or Time (MEST). Also, typically, unattached to family,

friends, cash, savings, sleep, and all too often, no longer attached to

sanity or life itself-- life being, I gather, another illusion. Like Love.

Family. Friends. Me, I always thought all this talk of thetans simply

meant that Elwrong had a lisp.


Anyway, T/A has a meaning for me because of what I know of the

entertainment industry, but it may not be what the clams mean by T&A.

Similarly, the thetan hand technique is something generations of young men

have learned around puberty, but I suppose those crazy Hubbardites have

some wacky interpretation of their own for a term like that.


So here it is. If you have questions about what the words mean, martinh

has a massive FAQ on their language perversions, a very long vocabularly

list with translations into English. It's a little like going to an Asian

restaurant and seeing something unpronouncable and unfamiliar on the list.

The waiter says, Oh, you want... and out comes this string of syllables.

And you, a quick learner with a firm grasp of language, reply confidently,

"Yes, please. I Would like to try Number 11."