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_NED for OTs Series 56_


_C O N F I D E N T I A L_





Sessioning with the Pre-OT in an out-rud condition can cause body

thetans to be restimulated on the past track. Thus it is vital that

the auditor learn to read the body as the session progresses.


Indications of the restim situation are: a loss of appetite,

hysterical laughter, and a high TA. High TA conditions are also

created by sessioning past an instant read on a prior Incident II

session in which BTs are half-blown or themselves reading low on

the TA.


The auditor must learn to quickly spot and correct such OT body

reads *of the body thetans*. These are not usual body reads of moving

cans, touching cans together, etc. These are actions on the part of

the BTs moving in and out of valence while in session, creating a

push-pull wave on the thetan of the auditor, and thus manifesting

in body motion, sickness, PTSness, etc.


The effective auditor will quickly spot and handle via proper

use of the thetan hand technique, which must be drilled to perfection

for NOTs auditors, and SOLO auditors.


The auditor makes the Pre-OT locate where the BT or cluster in

relation to this form of OT body read. The auditor then notes the area

named by the Pre-OT and whether it reads. The read should be instant.

When the Pre-OT names the correct place it will give an instant read.

Do not allow the Pre-OT to go on looking for additional areas until

the reading area is fully handled in PT.


- 2 -


HCOB 1.17.82



The location of a PTSness or PTS BT cluster is not always _in_

the body, they can also be _on_ the body, _beside_ the body, at some

_distance_from_ the body, and in _other bodies_. Such projection of

BTs is common when TA goes high on OT body reads.


In Step 2 of this procedure, you may have to locate where the BT

is in relation to the body read, in which case you would then ask

the BT to find where it *is*, not where it *was*.


This procedure is done to enable the Pre-OT to increase his

attention to the specific point of location of the BT or cluster

while asking the instant-reading auditing questions. Otherwise you

could move from OT body reads to OT body reads without flattening

each step of the procedure, restimulating other areas than those being

audited on.


It is vital to keep the BTs in session and reading throughout

this procedure, but with proper metering and a spot-on auditor, this

process can handle all OT body reads and keep the Pre-OT winning and

everyone winning.








Copyright (c) 1982

by L. Ron Hubbard