To: All personnel assigned to R/D lab G47


From: Dr. Hieronymous Zinn, Senior Field Technician, Valkyrie



Subject: New testing procedures for the TI-163 Foudroyant



On October 14, Sturmkrieg Corporation acquired the TI-163

Foudroyant Condenser, which has been sent to R/D lab G47 for

testing and analysis prior to the procurement of additional

units. If the condenser proves to operate within manufacturer

specifications, it will then become a permanent addition to the

lab. Due to the important nature of a Foudroyant Condenser in

Projects Valkyrie, Thor and Tyr, information concerning the TI-

163, its operation and possible uses will be considered as pro-

prietary, and may not be discussed outside of authorized areas.


The new condenser will be evaluated and integrated into the

Valkyrie Project in three distinct phases. The first phase,

headed by Dr. Karl Stoeller, will consist of the testing of the

unit at fractional power. Priority access will be given to the

main operational computer for analysis of test results. Suspense

date for completion of this phase is November 4. Phase two,

headed by Dr. Wolfgang Krost, will be the full-power test which

will take place in the B-3 test range to reduce the possibility

of damage to other project equipment in the event of catastrophic

failure. The date for completion of this phase is tentatively

scheduled for November 11. Phase three will be the integration

of the condenser with the other project Valkyrie components which

I will be personally directing. Completion date for the entire

project is scheduled for November 15.


Procedures for use of the condenser, and safety precautions,

for all phases of the evaluation and integration of the device,

are as follows:


1) All personnel will wear protective headgear, insulated

gloves and boots, and heat resistant overgarments during phases

one and two.


2) No metal objects will be worn or carried into R/D lab

G47 or the B-3 range while testing is in progress.


3) Condenser power in phase one will be limited to 1.3 M-

Joules. In phase two, the full power test, power will be in-

creased to 17.8 M-Joules.


As the Senior Field Technician of Project Valkyrie, I have

personally assumed responsibility for the successful completion

of this project. If any personnel violate any of the above

regulations, this violation should be brought to my attention

immediately. If you have any questions about the condenser, the

technical guide is TI 1248-163; and if you have questions about

other project information in your area of responsibility, contact

me at ic #277. Remember, SPECTRE depends upon us.



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