I had a dream last night that I remembered parts of this morning. My

dreams are the way I get paintings, ideas, and work out solutions. In

this dream "Bob" or someone who felt like him reminded me about



Now, we each come to "Bob" from our own direction. Many of us have

similar interests in music, humor, and books; but then again, there's

only so much time and you can't read everything. To my chagrin I must

admit that I've never read any Robert Anton Wilson before, though I

have heard of him. The Bearded Guy read the Illuminati trilogy, and we

have the Steve Jackson games, but I never got around to reading any of

it. That's not to disparage Wilson in any way; I've got a shitload of

great author's stuff sitting on my shelves, but not enough time to

read them. Anyway...Stang's little missive about how he found RAW and

"Bob" made me think that perhaps it was time to read a little of Pope

Bob's stuff. Well, I took the Illuminati trilogy to the gym with me,

but it was hard to read while on the treadmill. So, yesterday I took

the Illuminati papers with me. The print is bigger and I was on the

bike, so I got to read a bit of it. Then I had to put it down. It

really frightened me. Not the conspiracy stuff...Wilson's head. I've

been ranting around the house about certain subjects FOREVER it seems.

I don't post them because they're too fucking long.


But as I was reading last night, I saw the exact same ideas in almost

my own words being spread out before me. Suddenly I had this fear that

if I kept reading, I wouldn't be able to tell where his ideas ended

and mine began or vice versa. I was afraid that if I kept reading, his

style would take me over and I'd turn into a Wilson clone without

knowing it. To avoid parroting him, I closed the fucking book. Now I'm

afraid to open it again.


I stopped reading when I hit the part where he begins discussing the

systematic destruction of the extended family. This is my personal pet

project...the recreation of extended families as the expected "norm."

I sincerely believe that the decline of Western society can be

directly linked to the destruction of the extended family concept.

Commerce demands it. After all, why should you be happy selling ONE

refrigerator to a family group of ten or twelve, when you could sell 8

or 9 to that same number if they were just split up into smaller, more

easily controlled groups?


Why, not only could you sell them more 'fridges, and cars, and

everything ELSE that goes into setting up a home, but you can

effectively destroy their political and social cohesion when you

isolate them in small numbers. And if you make them all mobile, and

make it so that everyone can move everywhere easily so that they

rarely get together with their families after adulthood; well you end

up with a group of people that are only loyal to one thing...the

company that employs them.


In my view, an extended family is not necessarily a group comprised

solely of a single bloodline. An extended family (my def.) is any

group of people that view themselves as a "family" but which includes

more than two adults and more than two generations. The advantages of

an extended family are manifestly superior, but the CON loves to push

that generation gap thing until we so fear being controlled by our

family of origin that we forget that we can create an extended family

of our own. Instead, we give up our freedom to the government. My

grandmother, evil as she was, never made me pee in a bottle for her.


It was with these thoughts rumbling 'round in my brainpan that I fell

asleep last night. And somehow my brainwaves slithered up through the

aether and sent out that signal to "Bob." Lo and behold, my savior

cometh to me, and he said "There's plenty of yeti-hate out there,

remember the yeti-love."


So this morning, I'm trying to remember that changes are coming, and

that yeti-love is going to be just as important as yeti-hate in

bringing souls to "Bob." I'm sorry to be vague, but that's how dreams

are; inchoate, with only an emotional signature to guide you. Gather

together Yeti-kin, find as many SubGenii as you can. Time is wasting

and our families must be ready. The harvest demands strength, and

there is strength in numbers. Love one another if you can. I'll leave

a tube of K-Y for you.



Tarla "channelling "Bob" in my sleep" Star


Reverend Mutha Tarla Star of the Little Sisters of the Perpetually

Juicy; a Proud jism schism of the Church of the SubGenius.

Worshipping Juicy Retardo and "Connie" Dobbs since 1986.