The men of this newsgroup are fucking idiots.

The men of this church are TOTAL fucking idiots.


Please take over.There won't be any power

struggle, there won't even be any complaints...

just tell the men... "It's time to actually have some FUN"

and to "shut up and peel me another grape".


At least when the women here compare dick lengths, it's to share

design and color sceme, and maybe accessories, instead of the

length thing the men get into. When a group with polymorphic pudenda

start competing over LENGTH, it's time for someone else to

seize the reins of powers and tie several someones' peckers to a tree

with them!


and *I* know *YOU* know *I* know *YOU* know what I'm talking about,

because I'm




(even if *I* don't know what I'm talking about...)