So, well, I've been thinking about communism, collectivism, whatever,

and where it fits into the Subgenius Mythos (although mythos isn't

really an appropriate name, considering it's ALL TRUE).


There are those bastards who abuse power, the rogue subgenii, perhaps;

the ones with the hubris and the power to try to RULE THE WORLD,

but who pretty much fuck it up and make most people (generally including

themselves) miserable. Marx called them the Capitalists. We call them

the Conspiracy. We do not see their hegemony as being based on money,

however, but as being based on normalcy. They are the leaders of the

CON, the tip of a vast iceberg of living puke.


Then there are the people who are the subjects of all this crap, the

ones who live their lives lost deluded and oppressed. Marx called them the

proletariat. He wanted to empower them. We just want to be the ones

deluding them ourselves. We call them, appropriately enough, the

Conspiracy Dupes. Or, perhaps, the po'buckers.


Then there's the bourgeoisie. I have to admit I don't really know jack

shit about Marx, so I can't tell you where they fit in. I'll define them

as the middle classes, those who tacitly condone the work of the capitalists.

These are the CON, the Conspiracy of Normalcy. The willing foot soldiers

for the cause of orthodoxy. The ones who killed the Jews to "fit in".


So where are we? If anything we're probably closer to the capitalists,

but we're being fucked over by the Conspiracy right along with

the proletariat. In Communist terms, I suppose you could call us the

semi-proletariat. We're definitely elitists, and we want plenty of

power, but most of us aren't too interested in crushing the proletariat

beneath our feet; given the choice, we'd prefer to have nothing to do

with them whatseover.


OK, I admit it. I don't really have much of a point, I just thought

"semi-proletariat" was a funny word and I wanted to find a context

to use it in.