Dear Brethren and Sistern,

I come before you today a changed Uberfemme, for I have been to the

Mountain, and I have touched the face of Dobbs (and lived to tell

about it).

Yes Yetifolk, I went to Dallas this weekend and she who channels for

"Connie" met He who writes for "Bob." and the doctors say that Stang

will be out of the hospital within a week, bless his festering heart.

It was a beautiful weekend weatherwise with the exception of a

brief period around noon on Friday. The clouds rolled in just after I

got off the phone with Stang. "We're going out of town to my folks,"

he said, sucking me in with this seemingly ordinary statement. "But

why don't you come by for just a short visit anyway?" I protested that

we didn't want to interfere with their plans but he was strangely

insistant. I was soon to discover the reason behind his urgency.

Black clouds filled the sky, the temperature dropped 30 degrees in

half an hour, and lightning peppered the sky. I pulled my jacket

closer and glanced over at The Bearded Guy in concern. Cars were

jackknifing all over the road, and it was only three miles between

where we were staying and Casa de Stang.

We crossed the falls and turned onto his semi-deserted street. The

house loomed and as we stepped from the car, I heard some horrible

creature baying at the elements and shuddered in fear. "What the hell

is going on?" asked TBG. I stole a glance at the house, wondering what

foul plants grew in that garden, what deadly tinctures were made from

those heinous flora. I crossed myself unconsiously and we approached

the door.

As I raised my hand to the heavy brass knocker, the door flew open

and Stang grabbed both of us by the collars with unhuman strength and

tossed us inside to the foyer floor. Suddenly above me stood this

monstrous vision of black-brown hair and slavering fangs. His hot

breath scalded my cheek, and his sandpaper tongue tore my clothing to

shreds. It was BEAST. I played dead. He lifted his leg on me and went

over to check out The Bearded Guy.

Stang grabbed my hand and pulled me upright, then tossed me over his

shoulder. He wrapped The Bearded Guy's braid around his hand a couple

of times and dragged him, while he carried me, upstairs. Flight after

flight, then down a long corridor, through a beautifully

counterbalanced vault door, and finally he tossed us both into the

airlock where we were chemically deloused and sanitized. Fortunately,

TBG was unconscious the entire time.

The door on the opposite side of the airlock from our entry, opened

and Stang stood before completely different clothes. He looked

a bit sheepish. "Hey, I'm real sorry 'bout that, but I left the house

on 'Lovecraft' mode last night for the GWAR folks, and forgot all

about it. I hope the Stangbot didn't hurt you too much."

I thought about killing him right then and there, but I knew it

would piss "Connie" off, and Lord knows we can't have that. Frankly, I

don't know what she sees in the guy. Maybe she has a thing for wooden

legs, who the hell knows?

So I smiled and took his hand. I think he thought he had me fooled.

I'm not an actress' daughter for nothing! He helped me to my feet,

brushed the worst of the chemicals off the remains of my clothing and

gently slapped The Bearded Guy on both cheeks until he roused him to

consciousness. I stepped out of the chamber. For a couple of seconds,

I forgot to breathe. It was vast, almost frightening. Carved out of

what must have been sheer mountain face, were endless caverns. Strings

of bare light bulbs trailed off into the bowels of the earth. The

walls were lined with huge cartons, crates, and boxes of various

military equipment, survival supplies, and novelty gags. I saw the

infamous big-eyed Mao, and a lifesized replica of the severed head of

a certain world cup golfer who shall remain unnamed but known to all.

Stang hurried out of the chamber and rushed to a wall, attempting to

distract my attention with a slight of hand trick wherin he made a

small band of pygmy maidens appear to dance the hootchie-cootchie, but

he don't know me very well. I got that sort of thing at my grandma's

tit. I watched them with one eye, and kept the other on Stang.

He opened a small panel using a simple unbinding spell and touched

a button marked "WASP1." Suddenly the walls of the cavern disappeared

and we were in an upstairs "study" filled with tapes, boxes, and

electronic equipment. Stang was sitting at his computer, showing The

Bearded Guy a video of GWAR. I wasn't fooled for a second.

"Hey Stang, your wife's gonna kill us all if we keep you any

longer," I said, edging for the door. He got up from the desk and

rushed toward me. I ducked as he tossed the severed head, and several

small metal "Mavrides" trading cards. Reaching across the desk, I

motioned with my left hand in the area where I hoped the panel


I was lucky. He was dumb enough or so overconfident that he didn't

even bother to cast a 'relocate' spell on the panel. I stabbed blindly

at the buttons, unable to see their labels from my position. The room

changed madly. Suddenly everything had soft edges and the boxes were

stacked impossibly to the sky. Stang had mouse ears and three fingers.

I was in shredded red polka dots and thick red high heels. I slipped

the heels off immediately, and used them to slash my way out the door

past the heards of chubby chirping birds and large pupiled rodents of

all sorts (the chipmunks were the worst...eeewww). Stang came clumping

after me in his big white shoes. He hit the stairs, and that was all

she wrote. Down he went, ass over teakettle; making some terrifically

funny sounds on the way. Of course, by this time, the staircase was

several hundred feet long, so I had plenty of time to enjoy his

descent. I smoked a squirrel and counted the number of bones I heard


I kicked the dead birds and shit out of the way, and went back into

the study. The Bearded Guy was sitting in a big fat chair with eyes,

stretching his dick to impossible lengths and letting it snap back

with a "sproooiiiingg!" I looked at the control panel. I pressed the

unmarked button. The house changed into a nice upper middle class

residence. Stang was lying at the bottom of the stairs holding his

shin and crying like a woman. Someone Else looked up at me, and

remarked, "He fell down the stairs again...damned Dobbs and his

experiments anyway...the dizziness, the brittle bones, the memory it all worth it?" I looked down at her in sorrow. The poor

woman didn't know....or she was one hell of an actress. I caught

Stang's eye, and for a second, it turned bright yellow, and I could

almost see into the depths of hell itself. Then he smiled, his eye

turned back to brown, and he said, "Hey, thanks for dropping by, we'll

have to do this again sometime!"


We got the hell out of there as fast as we could run!





Reverend Mutha Tarla Star of the Little Sisters of the Perpetually

Juicy; a Proud jism schism of the Church of the SubGenius.

Worshipping Juicy Retardo and "Connie" Dobbs since 1986.

Let me preface this by saying that a few