From: "Dr. Benway" <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack

Subject: NENSLO retracts apology; tells critics "You're a bunch losers and

you should get a life. I feel sorry for you. Drop dead."

Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 15:23:06 -0400

Organization: Interzone University

Sources who observe nascent Net-God NENSLO from a safe distance

report that the Great Man has retracted his apology to these

newsgroups. "They have no sense of humor and I'm tired of

explaining jokes to them", he told one inquirer who reached

the fabled word-horde maven on the telephone. "They should

soak their heads in a privy until they wise up", quoth the

Promethean flame-bearer to another correspondent who stood

behind a steel barrier in order to poise his questions. "I

hate them for not being loathsome enough to hate", the Primordial

Star-Child was quoted to say by a third source who listened

in by means of an opto-mechano-laser technology room monitor.

"I'm going to the hardware store for some door henges and I

expect these newsgroups to be removed from every news server

on the Net by the time I get back", said the Earthly Manifestation

of Supreme Godhead as he slammed the door on the way out reported

a fourth source who is currently a pillar of dung.


Well, that's the word folks. Looks like NENSLO's got

it in for you.