So, in between working, I absorb random bits of information at the

library. Things that struck my brain today:


A "Billboard" Top 40 book mentioned that Coolio often collaborated with

a man known as "Wino" Dobbs. Now, if Dobbs isn't a wino he damn well



I noticed a book entitled "AIDS: What the government won't tell you".

Of course, since I believe there are a few things the government is not,

in fact, telling us about AIDS, especially with regard to its origin,

I was intrigued. Opening the book I found some of the most virulent

anti-homosexual propaganda I've ever read; this would be an example of

one of the truly BAD books we have. Some good percent of the books we

carry are of actual use; probably a larger percentage are of no use, but

are generally harmless; and then there are those few which are downright

disgusting. I'm glad we carry them; pure human hatred and idiocy needs

to be seen in its proper context along with the rest of the world's

literary output. The blurb on the back cover claimed that the author

was a famous doctor; I'd put her credibility somewhere below C. Everett

"Green Monkey" Koop's. A true work of raving paranoid fantasy.


I also scoped out some language books, as per my obsession with useless

facts; I do find it kind of amusing how much Church lingo is ripped off

from black slang. It's as if we're trying to become an oppressed minority

by proxy. Of course, many people take great offense at those whose

main differentiation is behavior rather than appearance claiming oppression,

which just goes to show what idiots they are. If anything, appearance

is a LESS valid justification for cultural hegemony, considering its

general lack of consequence. I also got a chance to refresh myself on

the origin of the word associated with my family name; there's a great

deal of confusion, because so many of my relatives were either unrepentant

criminals or ruthless vigilantes (looking back on my family tree, this

is indeed a perfectly understandable occurence, at least on my father's

side which is where they Lynch's are anyway), but the general consensus

seems to settle on Uh, I think it was William? Lynch, an early Virginian

vigilante apologist.