Cemetery Sign

We are indebted to the generosity of Bob Watts (not a Cornell descendant, but an interested Cornell Univ. graduate who lives nearby) for these lovely photos he took in Nov. 2009 of the cemetery located on the old Cornell Homestead.

In addition, he provided the following description of the site:

As you can see the cemetery is very much overgrown - had I not waited for the leaves to fall I might not have noticed it in the woods, even though it's only 25 feet or so off of a path behind 281 Rolling Hill Road in the Bay View Condominium complex in Portsmouth. This puts it directly west (some 1,200 feet) and down hill from the site of the original Cornell Homestead - upon whose foundation the Valley Inn apparently now sits on West Main Road.

There is ample evidence that it was once surrounded by a fence consisting of rough hewn granite posts with interconnecting pipes - one photo shows the only portion of the fence that remains standing. There is some evidence of past, but certainly not recent, vandalism to many of the fence posts and a few of the grave stones, though some of the fence damage may be due to falling trees.

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